Road to the Pro’s: Micah Brakefield #15 – From “The Bully” to “Mighty”


Today is Feb 29th 2012, anti-bullying day. Since my first MMA fight my nickname has been “The Bully”. It never really made sense as a name for me, but the alliteration worked and it stuck. I thought about changing it before I fought Jer Kornelsen for the second time but the Bully vs Jerk had to good of a ring to it (Plus I just couldn’t think of anything better.) This morning before work I happened to look at a book my mom got me for graduation, “Oh the Places You’ll Go” by Dr. Suess. It had a note on the first page that started with “Dear Mighty man,” I can’t believe I never thought of it. My whole childhood my family and friends called me “mighty mites”, “mighty man”, “mighty” and a million different plays off the word “mighty”. I’ve finally decided to change my fight name from the negative image of Micah “The Bully” Brakefield to the more positive “Mighty” Micah Brakefield.

Every bone in my body wants to fight on the next Battlefield card in April, unfortunately I know that in order for me to explode onto the pro scene the way that I want to I need to take the time to prepare for June. I’m going to put the time in and live the life of an aspiring professional athlete. If I continue to train hard and make the best of what I can, I hope to get an opportunity to do something like my fellow Canusa fight team ┬ámember Daniel Swain is about embark on. On January 21st of this year Daniel took a fight down in Montana against a 4-0 guy. Daniel beat the tar out of him and when walking out of the cage he was met by UFC veteran Anthony “Rumble” Johnson. Now in a few weeks Daniel will be flying down to Florida to live and train with the Blackzillians. I even hear he’s going to have a blog on MMASucka while he’s there.

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