Diary of a Fighter

Diary of a Fighter w/ Mike Hackert #2: Keep that left hand up!

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Things are looking great after week two. I got in some hard training, intense sparring and most importantly, have seen improvements, aside from keeping my left hand up. Still working on that one.
Confidence is still high, and due to adequate rest, there have been no injuries (for myself) or signs of overtraining. My main home for training has been Jonny Mac’s Comox Valley Boxing Club, but I have also received help from Knockout Martial Arts, CV Fitness, Island MMA, and Adam Zugec of ZUMA. My main training partner and coach for this fight has been Nathan Swayze, a competitor in Victoria’s AFC. For wrestling I have Matt Sparling, team captain of Guelph University, and jiu jitsu has been BFL middleweight champ, Andrew Buckland. I’m thankful for all the support there has been for this fight, which will leave little excuse for poor performance come May18th. Everyone has been pushing me to my limits and when to take it easy.
Sparring when training for a fight becomes a job. There is no time for autopilot and it feels like there are deadlines in every session. Nothing brings the man out of you like a shark tank. When your arms are too tired to hold up at nipple level and you have a fresh guy coming at you every minute, you quickly learn how bad you want this fight… and how much you want it to end before the bell.
This week will be the same as the last two. Grind, grind grind! And keep my left hand up. The excitement of getting back into the cage is awesome. It feels like a dagger to the throat and rewarding as well, kind of like a job. I don’t have one of those. Thanks and please tune in next week.
– Mike


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