Diary of a Fighter

Diary of a Fighter w/ Daniel Swain #7: It was a learning experience

It’s been a week since my fight now and I finally got my stitches out. I suffered a cut over my right eyebrow in...

Diary of a Fighter w/ Mike Hackert #9: Reality sinks in; Now I want more

*Photo Credit Red Statyk I guess it wasn’t until the morning after my fight with Tim Hague that it all sunk in that I had...

Diary of a Fighter w/ Daniel Swain #6: Weigh-in day!!

It’s Friday morning and weigh-ins are at 7:00PM tonight. First thing I do every morning when I wake up is check my weight. Today I’m 4lbs over the 146lbs limit, which means I’ll have to do a little bit of weight cutting still. To be honest though 4lbs is nothing, I have done much bigger weight cuts in less time then I have to do this measly 4lbs. The weigh ins are at The Black Bear Martial Arts Center in Sandpoint, ID. And will being broadcast live at http://www.unifiedcombatleague.com/ and you can catch the fights here on MMASucka.com on Saturday.

Diary of a Fighter w/ Daniel Swain #5: 168 hours to go

My fight is now only one week away. Exactly 168 hours from now i'll be weighed in and re-hydrating. For most people fighting is considered human cock fighting, but when looked at in the proper light fighting is much more beautiful than that. I am asked all the time why do something that involves being punched repeatedly or why would I want to do something so barbaric.

Diary of a Fighter w/ Mike Hackert #8: I hope “Big” John refs my fight

Just landed in Fort McMurray, BC last night. I know I should be feeling nervous as time grows near, but really I cant stop thinking about flying. I have a terrible fear of flying in an aluminum tube 37,000 feet in the air.

Diary of a Fighter w/ Daniel Swain #4: Bad news bears for Lee Morrison

Week four is over and I am officially two weeks away from the weigh-ins. Making 145lbs is super easy for me as I walk...

Diary of a Fighter w/ Mike Hackert #7: Two week home stretch

Finally, the last two week home stretch has come. I can’t wait for this to be over. I’m ready to fight, I want to...

Diary of a Fighter w/ Daniel Swain #3: Three weeks out

The third week of my fight camp is winding down and the fight is only three weeks away. For my opponents sake I really...

Diary of a Fighter w/ Mike Hackert: Training with a purpose

It’s a great feeling when you can feel your cardio come along. I feel more invincible than I usually do……. and more cocky, confident,...

Diary of a Fighter w/ Daniel Swain #2: Iron Sharpens Iron

Well my first week of fight camp is done, and I’m feeling great already. I am about a month away from my fight; my...

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