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Diary of a Fighter w/ Daniel Swain #4: Bad news bears for Lee Morrison


Week four is over and I am officially two weeks away from the weigh-ins. Making 145lbs is super easy for me as I walk around at a whopping 160lbs when I’m completely out of shape and storing a little extra fat. Today I checked my weight and I am already within nine pounds without even beginning to cut. I feel my body getting to the point where I’m about to peak. If wrestling has taught me anything at all, it’s when and how to make your body a machine and to make that machine run optimally.

To be honest though, I haven’t always been the best at this in my MMA career. I have never been the guy to really take what I’m eating seriously. In fact, while living in Vancouver, BC, Canada with Micah Brakefield we were known to go to McDonalds almost every day, sometimes twice a day. Luckily for Micah and I, we have both matured as fighters and have actually began caring about what is going into our bodies… well at least I have started to, I can’t really speak for Micah. For this fight though, I can feel that optimal feeling again that I haven’t felt since winning my national title in wrestling, which is bad news bears for Lee Morrison.

Ok, switching gears. If you’re following my blog then you’re probably also one of the people who likes my Facebook fan page. If you are, I need your help getting my page to 300 ‘likes’ before my fellow CANUSA Fight Team member “Mitey” Micah Brakefield. Do what you can, post a link on your page, invite your friends, you can even tweet it. Once I reach 300 likes I will be giving out some of my sponsor swag to a couple of random people who ‘like’ the page. To give a little more incentive if I beat Micah I will give out more stuff than originally planned, so help me beat Micah and you could get some free gear. Here is the link to my page http://www.facebook.com/DanielSwainMMA

A huge thank you to all those who have been helping me prepare for my fight from all my training partners to my family and wonderful girlfriend. Also my amazing sponsors: Klench Kustom Mouth Guards, Dominant Ground, Drako Sports, Nuckl, Kombat Nation. Also if you are interested in sponsoring me for my upcoming fight let me or my management, Echelon Fighter Management, know. And last but not least MMASucka.com has been awesome to work with so thanks for letting me write this blog for everyone to read.

Follow me on Twitter @swain145 and remember to go like my fan page ASAP so we can beat Micah Brakefield together.

Thanks for reading,

Daniel Swain

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