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Diary of a Fighter w/ Daniel Swain #3: Three weeks out


The third week of my fight camp is winding down and the fight is only three weeks away. For my opponents sake I really hope he isn’t taking this fight lightly, because I haven’t prepared this hard for a fight before. I can really feel myself getting better and better with every training session. I started this sport as a wrestler doing MMA now I don’t consider myself a wrestler, I am a mixed martial artist.

Watching my training partners fight this last weekend has given me an extra push to be honest. Knowing that they are growing as fighters everyday because of me and the other guys in the gym is just awesome to be a part of and makes me want to make them proud. That being said, I don’t fight to make anyone proud or for anyone’s respect. I fight because it’s truly what makes me happy, you’ll never see me walking to the cage with a scowl on my face. It’s the same when I’m training I am always smiling while in the gym no matter what we’re doing. If you’re making MMA a career and not having fun with it then it’s going to show in your performance, and I truly believe that.

For this fight I have really been working my stand up, and it is really starting to come along. I feel that if I get my punches off the way I have been training them that they can put almost anyone in the featherweight division to sleep. I have never hit as hard as I am hitting now, I have even blown two different pairs of gloves out in the three weeks of my camp. Which is in a way a great thing and a bad thing, because now I don’t have a pair of gloves to train with. Not only am I hitting harder, but I’m also a lot crisper in throwing my punches.

I have to give a big thanks to DRAKO, Klench Kustom Mouth Guards, Dominant Ground, Kombat Nation, Nuckl Apparel, and my management Echelon Fighter Management. Also a HUGE thank you to all my training partners helping out and Josh Bohen and Shawn Albrecht for all the help even when they are an 8 hour drive away. I also can’t forget to thank MMASucka.com for letting me do this blog.

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Daniel Swain

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