Road to the Pro’s: Micah Brakefield #16 – Time to Prepare


I just got back from watching the newly dubbed Aggression Fighting Championships in Victoria, BC. It was a great show that ran smoothly and had some really great fights. They have some very good fighters and with the new merger will be putting on fights close to every month.

It’s no secret that I would like to fight in Victoria, but I am not sure what the possibilities of that happening are. I would like to think that if AFC has a show in Victoria and it doesn’t conflict with any Battlefield Fight League event that I would be able to compete for the first time in my home town.

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With all that in mind I need to start training hard again. Over the last month I have been training almost exclusively grappling. I plan to compete at the IBJJF World Championships as a blue belt in the beginning of June and hopefully have an MMA fight at the end June. It is definitely time to get back to the grind and start preparing for my pro debut.

In other news I have began teaching Jiu Jitsu for West Coast BJJ in a new affiliate of ours  “Performance Development Center”  which is right near Marine drive and Greenal at 3745 Keith St. Burnaby B.C. Right now I am only teaching on Monday nights from 7pm-8pm, so if you’re looking for a good place to learn some Jiu Jitsu and have fun come on out and give it a try.

Once again, thanks to my sponsors: FVSTR, Dominant Ground, Reflex on KingswayDrakoPassion SportsTippet Richardson, Kombat Nation, Klench Kustom GuardsCanusa Fight Team, and Echelon Fighter Management and of course MMASucka.

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