MMASucka Radio w/ Dave Herman, Daniel Swain and E. Spencer Kyte


We are back and bringing you a heavy-hitting episode of MMASucka Radio.

First up we are joined by Dave “Pee Wee” Herman, however for his upcoming bout with Roy Nelson he would like to be called “Bigger Country”. He chats with us about his preparation for his upcoming bout at UFC 146, why he grew out his body hair prior to his last fight, what the best discipline is for MMA and much more.

Next up is our feature segment “MMASucka Up and Come-A” and we are showcasing a rising star in Daniel Swain. Daniel opens up about how he got started in MMA, his crazy amateur record, his upcoming fight with Lee Morrison at UCL this Saturday May 26, as well as where he sees himself one year from now.

Finally we welcome E. Spencer Kyte back to the show. He joins us to do a bit of a round table discussion about numerous topics, including Nick Diaz NSAC sentence, what is going on with Strikeforce and his UFC 146 predictions.

All that and a bag of chips is brought to you by our friendly sponsors at RYU and Nutrabolics.

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