MMASucka Product Review – RYU Discipline Short-Sleeve Training Tee


Whether you are out for a run or lifting weights in the gym, you should give the RYU Discipline Short-Sleeve Training Tee a shot. They have made this product to be like the ideal training partner, which is designed to keep you dry even while it absorbs the sweat. I have trained in this tee for about two straight weeks, every time I’m in the gym now and I dig it. However there are a few gripes about it.The v-neck for training was a differently feeling than most training shirts and if it were a crew neck I would probably be more likely to rock it a lot more often. Another thing that was tad bit of a deterrent for myself was the fit itself, it was fairly loose. I believe that is the feel they want for it, as it is comfortable, but I find it rides up when doing certain exercises.

The tee is also available in white and red. Even though there were a couple of things that didn’t get the tee full marks, I would definitely recommend it to anyone who takes training seriously.

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Some cool facts about this product are that RYU uses recycled materials on the front and back, the shirt uses something called Cocona® for door resistance and it has rolled-forward side seams to reduce chafing and irritation.

COMFORT – 8/10

QUALITY – 9/10



Cost – $48.00

To purchase the RYU Discipline Short-Sleeve Training Tee or to check out the full stock of RYU Products head over to RYU.com. Make sure you keep up with RYU on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @RYUapparel.


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