Photo: Chael Sonnen uses Pizza Sign to trash Jon Jones


Chael Sonnen hasn’t stopped taking shot at the UFC light heavyweight champion Jon Jones.

Earlier this week, UFC 151 was cancelled due to Dan Henderson getting injured and Jon Jones not wanting to fight Chael Sonnen on 8 days notice.

It is obvious that Sonnen is still extremely upset at the fact that Jones did not take the fight and is using every means necessary to get his anger out.

If you didn’t already know, Chael Sonnen owns a pizza place in his home-town of Oregon. He has thrown up a new special called the “Jon Jones Special Pizza,” that pizza is loaded with chicken and full of cheese. He even throws a jab at Jones’ DUI arrest from back in May, by saying the special comes with a six-pack of beer. Delivery is available to avoid a DUI.

Check out the poster below thanks to the great folks at

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Jeremy Brand is an experienced MMA writer and columnist. He is the founder of, and has represented the company with media credentials at many mixed martial arts fights. Jeremy is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training in BC, Canada.


  • GATZU says:

    I’m starting to like this Sonnen guy, he’s funny

  • Tieg says:

    Chael would own stand up comedy if he went after it. I think if his mouth squared up with Ali’s mouth in his prime,sonnen would’ve tongue tied Ali. Classic. I just wish he would’ve been prepared for 5 rounds the last Silva fight. IMO he went all out hoping to finish in the first,didn’t had nothing left in the second and took a dive. The proof is how he looked,acted and spoke after the fight. He couldn’t even get his gloves off. The DVR doesn’t lie.

  • OmnyRa says:

    Tell me how Sonnen deserves a title shot in a weight division he’s never fought in after going 2 and 2 in his last 4 fights? Great for him being so game, but he’s gotta earn it just like everybody else. Don’t waste Jones’ time.

  • Devin says:

    Jones would surely get grounded and pounded. He knows that, hes no fool just smart not to fight Sonnen.

  • lee says:

    Chael shut the hell up! You said if you lost to the spyder you would leave ufc? Go bitch just go. Get some toilet tissue and wipe your mouth you DO NOT DESERVE IT….

  • Mario says:

    This Chael dude needs to stop trying to make money by losing to the champions, basically all he wants his the payday. As you all remember he was talking much trash against A Silva and didnt come away with a Win only the money. This guy is not ready to fight the Champions, he is just looking for a pay day. I guess he’s smart, to take that butt wooping for the money.

  • Tieg says:

    I’ll tell you quite easily. 2 loses. Both against silva. Pound for pound right? Two fights,6 total rounds approx. fought. sonnen beats the bejezuz out of mr. pound for pound for 5.5 of the 6 rounds. Yes he loses both fights. Once by getting mentally stupid/fatigued and gets submitted. In the last,in my opinion shot his load after dominating the first round and had nothing left in the second and took the easy way out. So how do I get my,”He’s deserving” from that? How ever long the fight goes,sonnen isn’t going to dance around or lay on the cage for 5 rounds. He’s going all out. Your going to get all he’s got. There is your excitement. And he gave mr. pound for pound all he could handle. Nobody has even sniffed ten seconds of dominance on silva like that.

  • Tieg says:

    Why do you even bother posting? Catch up on current events before you post outdated selective swiss cheese memory. I’d love to see you run your mouth like that to his face. On second hand,you’d likely have the intellect to do just that. And have a team of lawyers filing suit while you had you head surgically removed from your arse.

  • DJ says:

    That pizza should come with a side of weaksauce

  • Alvaro says:

    I wasn’t sure if you were being sarcastic… coz that’s such a lame attempt at justifying the unjustifyable.

    He lost both title contentions at a lower weight class. He does not deserve a title shot at a higher weight class. No one else is expected to be treated like that, not even Frankie Edgar who actually much closer TWICE in winning a belt, and then moved DOWN, not up.

  • Frytzz says:

    It doesn’t matter if he deserves it or not. It is all about making the most money. Who can sell a fight better than Chael? Look at his last fight…$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

  • Tieg says:

    Thank you for proving my point that sterilization should be mandated to below average intellectual subsidy recipients.

  • Tieg says:

    Another Einstein I can see. wooping? And he isn’t smart? maryO,silva and sonnen fought two fights. Almost 35 minutes long. For OVER 30 minutes of that 35 silva was getting the tar beat out of hime. Brain child,The majority of butt whooping was being done by sonnen. The objective in any professional sports MaryO is to be the best/champion. Your lesson for the day. Your welcome.

  • Tieg says:

    Your wearing off on me damn it. Him. Not hime.

  • vegas_blue says:

    Sonnen must be Tieg’s pimp. Geez man, Sonnen is a 2nd class fighter that talks 1st class smack. Fact is he’s lost every big fight he’s ever been in. take a look at Sonnens face after the first Silva fight. It looked like raw meat, meanwhile Silva didnt look like he’d even been in a fight. Laying on top of a guy throwing 100 punches that dont do any damage is not domination. Its smoke and mirrors. Meanwhile his mouth is writing yet another check that his azz cant cash by dogging bones. Bones would destroy Sonnen on an hours notice. Its bizness.

  • Steve says:

    LMAO. You’re mommy must have been the one saying, “It’s okay, you did good. Now let’s go get you some ice cream.” It does not matter how long he lasted against Silva. He still lost.
    Sadly, yes, he controlled where the fight took place the first time, landed some good hits but you can’t say that he dominated becasue if my memory serves me correctly, his face was messed up after that first fight. Seems like Silva got a pretty decent amount of hits landing from the bottom.
    So I agree completely with Jones. I would be offended with them offering Sonnen a shot at my belt. Who the hell does he think he is. Name one person that Sonnen has beat to make him, or anyone else for that matter, think he derserves a shot at a title that he hasn’t even had one fight in that weight division. Lucky I’m not Jones. I would have came out immediatly with a statement toward the UFC stating my point of view. If Sonnen loses, big deal. Everyone would expect that but he’d still be talked about stepping up to fight. If he wins, he now has a belt. What exactly does Jones get for beating the bejesus out of a guy that hasn’t earned it? Let me know when you find out.

  • Tieg says:

    Like I’ve said before,he beats sonnen without taking the beating silva did,”And sorry to say your memory doesn’t serve you well”,he moves closer to earning the pound of pound title. Something as prized in combat sports as anything else. If your old school martial arts. Which jones is not. Obviously. Enter nike contract. I didn’t know my mother ahole,she died having me. Wrong answer.
    sonnen didn’t just last against silva. He did what nobody has done against him. Dominate. I understand your mentality on the W.

  • Tieg says:

    I used to like sonnen. Until my interpretation of the second silva fight. I don’t know why but I think he used all he had in the first round trying to finish the fight. It didn’t happen and he took a dive in the second round to avoid a beating. He was so gassed after the fight he could bearly stand up. He couldn’t get his gloves of and couldn’t talk. The last is a good indication he was gassed out.
    Smoke and mirrors doesn’t put a guy that has been untouchable in the ring by virtually everyone on his back at will and keep him there. Last time I checked,take downs and beat downs score points in MMA.

  • Joe says:

    If Jones KO’s Sonnen in 10 seconds, it still wouldnt be worth it for Jones. Fighting up in a weight class is the hardest thing ever, and its not like it get easier for Sonnen. Jones could probably handle Silva pretty easily, but they fight in different weight classes. Jones gains nothing out of this, and the risk of losing is not worth an easy victory. If Jones win, people will say Sonnen was undersized and not a match, if Jones loses, people will say it was the biggest upset of all-time.

  • Cali_714 says:

    LMAO…1st class fighters don’t dodge fights. tito,iceman,shogun etc, dont ever dodoge fights and are warriors. Sonnen took a fight no one else would and had a shot just like any one of the contenders. This MMA one punch or kick can change the fight and upsets happen every day gents.

    As for Jones he’s lost all my respect, like Daina said it isnt all about him the under card are made up of guys that fight to survive in the real world and pay their bills. Not every one can sign a deal with nike.

  • Jeremy Brand says:

    It looks like a “Comment of the Month” might come from this post!! =)

  • A Hewett says:

    I see what you’r trying to say. But…. Dana asked who would fight Jones. And Sonnen was the one who said he would fight him. To me, that in it self gives him the right to deserve a title shot! Chael is willing to take on any challenger, and to me that makes him a champion by it self. Belt or no belt! That is the way I beleive a champion should be!

  • pklMMA says:

    You dont like him anymore because…. he gassed??? WTF…

  • lawrence kany says:

    Chael Sonnen always gives 100 percent. He cannot make the 185 weight class anymore. It takes to much out of the guy. It was obvious in the Bisbing fight. He will be fine at 205. The division needs some personality in it and he brings it.

  • Tieg says:

    It’s a five round fight. A spinning back fist poorly timed and executed with nothing left and he goes down. Mid second round. Barely makes it to his feet starts getting shelled,”Little landed most blocked or partially blocked”. Goes down and turles up. Game over. chael sonnen. Instead of gassing out in the first round knowing it’s a five round fight,pk,is that a sound strategy to you? To me it’s an easy payday. Something sonnen,”The blue collar go until they carry me out” mentality would never do. Does that help you understand why I dislike him now? Here I’ll break it down. He didn’t want all of Brazil raining hatred and death threats on him the rest of his life. He won the first round making a decisive point. He can still do what he did for four rounds against silva before. Second round. I’m tired. Check out time. silva wins. Brazil wins. I take virtually no beating. I get paid. 1 exciting round for the fans and a point made. Round two makes an entire country happy,reduce the hate and get paid.
    My perspective as warped as some may think it is. It’s the conspiracy theorist in me what can I say.

  • skotts says:

    Jones made the right call period! Dana White figures that BS “Who wants to fight Jones?” BS is good enough for the fans? Really do the fans that have paid andfollowed this sport for years deserve that? Sonnen is a big mouth jerk using that tatic to hype himself, he lost 2 in a row and Dana Pussymouth White feels he deserves a shot at Jones? Every REAL FAN should be offended by that stunt he tried to pull. The fighters on the undercard are mad? So freaking what their mad, nobody was paying to see them anywaywhich is clearly obivious by the cancallation so F them. Sonnen cannot win against Jones and anyone stupid to pay for that fight is crazy, thats why he’s fighting Forrest and not Jones first. I mean all your punks on here knocking Jones, you can’t see through Dana White on this? He doesn’t give a damn about the fighters, he’s mad he’s losing money. With that being said, I’llver the fans bea little more cautionous when ordering my next fight. Dana White really showed his yellow stripe on this one. Money over the fans and thats what killed boxing.

  • Cali_714 says:

    First off Skotts, You forget who he lost to and one of the fights he whooped Anderson for 5 whole rounds. Second of all Sonnen beat 2 of the top contenders at 185 and hes moving to 205 and has to start at the bottom to get to Jones. He cant keep going in the 185 cause he cuts to much and fatigues during his fights hence the Silva fight. Ill tell you one thing Sonnen would not sit in front of Jones like Machida or Rampage even Evans for that matter, he would get right in jones face just like Hendo would had he not gotten injured. Your comment as miss spelled as it is shows what type of person you are, it shows you know di-ck about this sport and have never seen the inside or a gym or dojo. As for your Dana White comment, well he is a business man but he is one of the biggest fan of Boxing and MMA and took this company to limits

  • bam bam says:

    Sonnen is just looking for a payday. He has lost twice to the spider and imo he lost to bisping. Now when Evans said he would fight Sonnen he didn’t jump on that did he? Hell No he dosen’t want that beat down. Hell he’ll be lucky if he can get past Griffin. And besides Dana is just pissed he has to give all that money back, who in the blue hell wants to see JJ beat the hell out of this washed up bum who’s claim to fame is almost beating silva when he was on roids. Man please.

  • Dave says:

    Come on Chael,do you really think you can beat Jon Jones? You can’t beat the man!! Anderson Silva.. Two shot, you lose!! You need some guidence. Climb the ladder again before you can get ahead of Machita. Hey, Thats a good fight for you. Sonnen VS. Machita

  • truthsmack says:

    How dare you compare this bum to Ali. That’s just disrespectful. it’s pitiful that some of you fans are such sheep. Dana White is a self absorbed idot who brought this on himself. he is what’s wrong with the sport. How can you not have a quality back up. Jon Jones should not have to fight an inferior opponent. There is no real ranking in MMA which is a problem it’s a popularity contest and who ever kisses whit’e butt the most. Ridiculous.

  • Vell says:

    Regardless of the volunteer status of Sonnen, its easy to prey if you are a loser and have only a chance to make something out of losing but, there are many guys out there that deserved a chance to fight based on their record. Jon Jones is the title holder and Sonnen was no runner up, the embarassment was to cancel the fight in whole. What about the other fighters on the card? UFC cancelled and Bone jones was the fall guy. Period

  • Van says:

    Well said

  • oscar says:

    Enough with this crap and this big mouth Sonnen! He’s just trying to be like ali with his big mouth trying to get all this attention thinkin hes so good and cant even back it up. Put sonnen with Belfort! Bet you sonnen will not last one round and he will finally retiree and go where he belongs, makin pizza!

  • Johnny Joseph says:

    Great points. Only problem is your boy is 26-12-1. Not exactly “stellar”! Silva overlooked the first time, got beat up for 4 rounds, and STILL beat him. The second time Sonnen got under his skin, and got DESTROYED. Sonnen did not have to tap, he CHOSE to. Brazilians do NOT tap, that’s why they get broken bones. But Silva could have tapped anytime in the 1st fight. He didn’t because he IS the champ, and he is Mr. Pound for Pound. Sonnen would take an even worse beating from Bones than he did Silva.
    So check yourself before ya wreck yourself, Foolio!

  • getmoney says:

    I really didn’t think the first round was dominant at all from a fighters standpoint. It may have done more harm than good if it gassed him. I mean yeah he got a quick take down, but he really didn’t take advantage of it. He was on top pretty much the whole round and failed to even daze Silva. He really didn’t start landing any quality blows until the last minute. Champions shine when it’s time. You see what Silva did when he had an opportune moment…he pounced. For Sonnen to have such a long time in a dominant position and squander it says a lot about his caliber.
    Just a question, not an attack. What does he have to gain by taking a dive? Either way he gets his money, right? All that does is put into question the guts of the only guy to ever come close to beating Silva since he was champ. I don’t think he gave up. I think it was a bone head move with the spinning backhand, but he missed, slipped and ended up in a bad position. Yeah, maybe he could have taken more punches before it was called off but it was going to end soon. To me it’s no different than someone quickly tapping to avoid a broken bone. No way he was getting Silva off of him in that position. Btw…that knee to the chest could have been enough to finish him if he was as tired as you are saying.

  • Tieg says:

    The list of 26 win fighters fighting in the top ten isn’t very long. And you need to head to the eye doctor. Or check your fanboy love at the door. To say sonnen was destroyed in the second fight is a joke. Maybe you should invest in a DVR so you can break it down and see what really happened. I’m not going to explain it again. Been there done that. Facts are just that facts. Check that.

  • Tieg says:

    Enough with illiterate people. Sterilization should be mandated if your intellect drops below Mule level. Or your such a fanboy you cant make unbiased comments. oscar.

  • Tieg says:

    I hate using the word dive. But you know? I have the ability to render unbiased opinion to even some/thing I like. What does he have to gain? I posted some of that earlier.
    1-The smack that he ran on Brazil was thick enough to bring a blanket of death threats down on him like you wouldn’t believe. And while the published story of a political convention being the reason the fight was moved is bogus. Security getting sonnen around would’ve virtually been impossible. Cost wise and safely.
    2-I disagree with you from a combat sport athlete. He dominated the first round. silva in no way wanted to be on his back the entire round. sonnen attempted double digit submission attempts as well as the strikes landed or partially landing. And I do think he gave more then should have trying to end it. If he didn’t,”And he didn’t”,end it he checks out not so gracefully in the second.

  • Tieg says:

    3-He gets most of the hate of Brazil off his back while showing in the first round he could one,get inside with silva yet again,and 2,get hime and hold him on his back.
    Now there is speculation he cant fight at 185 anymore. That could be why he gassed? That spinning back fist? He was so gassed when he threw that he went down. And really couldn’t get up. It took him ten seconds to get up reluctantly. Only to go back down. If you watch the end repeatedly you see the knee to the body was actually blocked by both arms. It did find it’s way home but there wasn’t much on it at that point. The hand strikes,the same thing. Out of the ten or so that were thrown while he was down the last one when Levine was stepping in to stop it was the only clean shot that landed. The rest were ALL partially blocked. He turtled up. To me that is like you say,tapping or quitting.
    4-he avoids getting KO’d or suffering a severe injury being submitted. That is if he could even remain on his feet.
    He was so exhausted after that fight he couldn’t get his gloves off or shirt on. More significantly,his mouth wouldn’t work.

  • Tieg says:

    Smack is appropriate to what your dealing. Sheep? I agree with everything you said about white.
    But there is another element to this. It’s about ONE combat sport athlete rated at the top of his division. Champion. Talked about as,”pound for pound”
    How dare I? If you could read,and comprehend the words,coming out of my,fingers,you’d understand my comparison. MOUTH TO MOUTH. And if you now understand for the second time my comparison,and you think Ali’s garb could match sonnen’s,then that is all need be said.
    A fighter fights. Has anyone EVER been able to get inside with silva? Has anyone EVER kept silva on his back?
    Nobody worthy wanted jones. machita passed. jones wanted nothing to due with taking the chance of getting into a fight he would be fighting entirely off his back.
    And that what likely would’ve happened. And you nor anyone else can refute that. Based singularly on both silva fights.

  • Tieg says:

    Are you kidding? We have plenty of white haters. OK,I dislike him as well. Bottom line here,if jones was a combat MMA,a champion,he fights. He trained to fight. He had an op to show he was a stand up man. Everyone gets their payday. OH,BUT WAIT. There is a shred of doubt as to his ability? OR,WAIT! Is it,I shouldn’t have to do it. It isn’t who I was supposed to fight. I have to take care of ME AND MINE. I’m not bailing anyone out. sonnen doesn’t deserve this fight. fruck everyone. That is more beeotch then combat sports champion.

  • Tieg says:

    26 wins. Please,start naming top ten contenders with 20 wins. The list is pretty short pal. Second,NOBODY WANTED JONES. There was two or three fighters that wanted that fight. sonnen was the only fighter of them that BELONGED IN WITH HIM. And by virtue of jones bitching out with sonnen shows he was concerned. If befort was in,”clearing my throat”,do you think jones turns it down? Hell no. If he had a tomato can going in,it would’ve gone off business as usual. Easy payday,cha ching!

  • Tieg says:

    Lets be honest. You want to throw people under the bus? jones is as guilty,50/50. The difference is white didn’t have a good back up plan in place. jones just needed to do his job that he trained to do. Bottom line. He didn’t want to take the risk. And THAT,is NOT what a FIGHTER does.

  • JJG says:

    Not really sure where u saw ANYONE win 5.5 of 6 rounds in the UFC. There are only 5 rounds max u moron. And the rest of you morons entertained this fool!

  • Tieg says:

    If you could read moron,and comprehend,einstein,you’d be dangerous. Go back to school.

  • karl says:

    You train to fight a particular fighter. An up and comer or challenger takes fights on 8 days notice, not the champ. A smart person spends months preparing for a fight at that level, you do your research, watch tapes and analyze your opponent and come up with a game plan. Champions don’t fight on 8 days notice, its just stupid.

  • karl says:

    Tieg, your such a Sonnen fan you think he can do no wrong. Against Silva he lost, plain and simple. In your mind he may be better but 2nd place is just the 1st loser. You think Jones is ducking him, no, Jones is the champ and doesn’t take fights on 8 days notice without training for that particular fighter and not reseaching that fighter and watching tapes and preparing a game plan against Sonnen. This isn’t street fighting, these are professionals and Jones is smart, thats why he has the title. Anyone can call anyone out, but machismo and pounding your chest doesn’t make you a winner, only winning does. You can make excuses why Silva beat Sonnen, but excuses don’t count only hand raising at the end.

  • Themans says:

    If Sonnen is inferior thats pretty sad for Silva who was slapped around embarrassingly for several rounds in the first fight. Chael isn’t that impressive, but of course, he doesn’t have to be because none of them are. If he can do that to the CHAMPION when literally all he can do is a double leg, you’ve got problems calling these people the “best in the world”

  • Tieg says:

    Again karl,this isn’t boxing. It’s MMA. And if you do your job,you fight. Stupid? Stupid is being the best and being selective. Bottom line is sonnen’s style is dangerous for jones and he knows it. I guarantee if he was asked to fight a belfort he takes the fight bofore the words are out of whites mouth. An easy payday. But not against sonnen. The guy who kept mr. impossible on his back for 5 rounds.

  • Tieg says:

    And you karl cant read and don’t have much to offer in your opinion.

  • Stevo says:

    How easily we forget that Sonnen was on STEROIDS the first fight with Silva which he almost won by CHEATING. He get a second fight without STEROIDS and get destroyed! He doesn’t deserved a fight with Jon! He always got to mouth his way to a fight! MMA or Boxing regardless this cheater/loser doesn’t deserve to fight a champion. Lets see how he stands up to forrest first when he couldn’t beat someone at a less weight!

  • Stevo says:

    Hey Cali_714? Do you think in the first fight with Silva that the Steroids that Chael was on had something to do with how well he did? By looking at the results of second fight the STEROIDS played a major impact. Do you agree?

  • Tieg says:

    Your not worthy of a response. Fight two. Where was silva for five minutes? Answer- On his back pinned to the mat. Where he spent 4 1/2 rounds in the first fight. Imbecile. (Look that word up. It’s derogatory)

  • Blaq says:

    You Sonnen lovers need to go some where and shut up.

    1st. Sonnon got his record probably because he’s willing to fight anyone. However, that doesn’t make a good fighter, just a big heart.

    2nd. Let’s not forget Mr. Mouth Sonnen was taking PEDs while he “man handled” the Spider for 4.5 rounds. The reason he lost the 2nd fight so soon because he wasn’t juicing.

    3rd. Just because you’d say you’d fight someone doesn’t automatically equate to “title shot”. What has he proven in LHW division….absolutely NOTHING!! He only has ONE win that’s not a decision dating back to 2003, in and out of the UFC.

    Sonnen is better suited for politics or gay porn with a mouth like his!!!

  • Blaq says:

    Tieg I believe that fighting off of your back is part of the sport, and a very important skill set to have in MMA.
    So that fact that Silva was on his back no matter for how much is a moot point.

  • Tieg says:

    Another rocket scientist. Is there anyone capable of comprehension and common sense? Moot is what is in your cranial. silva HAS NEVER BEEN PUT THERE IN HIS UFC CAREER. IT WASN’T BY CHOICE TO BE GETTING HIS ARSE KICKED FOR 4 1/2 ROUNDS OF 5 THE FIRST FIGHT,AND 1 ROUND OF 1 1/2 IN THE SECOND. Einstein.

  • Tieg says:


  • Tieg says:

    Thank you for confirming my point. You should be putting in some more OT flipping mcnuggets. No disrespect to Mcdonalds workers. Except this imbecile.

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