Ian McCall released from jail after two weeks


Ian McCall, more prominently referred to as “Uncle Creepy” has been released from Orange County Central Men’s Jail after two weeks in custody.

The top-ranked flyweight competitor was arrested on August 14 in Invine, California due to a June charge of driving with a suspended license. McCall pleaded guilty to the charge and on August 21 was sentenced to one years probation while making his wallet $300 lighter.

McCall joined the Ultimate Fighting Championship in the early shades of 2012. The California resident was widely regarded as the number-one ranked fighter at 125-pounds but has since failed to get his hand raised inside the Octagon following a pair of fights with former bantamweight title-challenger Demetrious Johnson.

The pair of flyweight stand-outs would fight to a draw on Australian soil and due to an error from the New South Wales Control Board tabulating scores they didn’t go to a sudden death over-time. Instead, they rematched months later with Johnson decisively getting the win to advance to the finals of the inaugural flyweight championship series.

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