Joe Rogan comments on the Jon Jones situation


It was just over a week ago that Jon Jones was held responsible for the cancellation of UFC 151. When Dan Henderson injured his knee and was forced to withdraw from his main event fight with Jones, Chael Sonnen stepped up to the plate. Unfortunately, Jones and his camp would not fight Sonnen on 8-days notice.

Dana White blasted Jones, his coach Greg Jackson and anyone else associated with Jones for the cancellation of the event. Joe Rogan commented on the whole situation on The Underground forum.

Everyone was SUPER pissed at Anderson after the Maia fight, and even DFW said he would cut Anderson if he fought that way again.  Look at what time has healed.

After the spectacular Vitor KO, the Chael Sonnen comback triangle and the complete dismantling of Chael in the rematch, no one ever talks about Abu Dhabi and the Maia fight anymore.

If Jon Jones can stay on track, keep being the amazing fighter that he’s shown himself to be inside the octagon in EVERY single fight he’s ever had, and continue to improve at the staggering rate that he’s shown so far, in 2 fights no one will talk about this cancelled fight.

The man is young, and he’s made a mistake or two, but he’s still got all the potential to go down in history as an all time great, if not THE all time great.

Time will tell what the MMA community will feel towards Jones, however at this time feelings are mixed.

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  • kokogene says:

    Jones had a contract to fight Dan Henderson! Henderson broke the contract when he with drew from the fight! How in the hell is this Jon’s fault? Sound like a bunch of shit the Dana white started to clear his ass! Dana White pays his fighter not Jon Jones! This is the biggest piece of shit to come down the tracks since Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan!!

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