Georges St-Pierre thinking about Carlos Condit, not Anderson Silva


The MMA community has been fathoming a super-fight between UFC welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre and middleweight champion Anderson Silva for years now. UFC President Dana White has even stated that the fight is closer than it has ever been before, as Anderson Silva has cleared the middleweight division and GSP will look to do the same with a win over Carlos Condit at UFC 154.

Silva has even made mention that the fight with St-Pierre is one that he wants; that it doesn’t matter whether he defeats Condit.

However, the UFC welterweight king-pin does not want to look ahead to Silva at this point. He feels the media is disrespecting Condit by even talking about it. Earlier this week he spoke with Damon Martin of and had this to say,

“It’s terrible. I hate that, but I’m not focusing on that. I’m not speculating. I’m thinking about Condit right now; that’s what I should do.”

The champ does not believe that he needs to leave the welterweight division at this point, in fact he feels that there are plenty of guys there.

“I feel like I have a lot of guys that are there and I don’t understand why people are going crazy now, but I just came back from an injury, so maybe some people see me as a weak link. We’ll see what’s going to happen in the future.”

St-Pierre has been fully cleared to fight Carlos Condit to and unify the welterweight championship. That fight is expected to take place at UFC 154 on November 14 at the Bell Centre in Montreal, Canada.

Check out the full video from below.

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