Clint Hester TUF 17 episode 2 blog

So tonight’s episode was pretty awesome!

I don’t know if I’m excited because I have lived with the other 13 guys for 6 weeks and I know how everything went down, but this show has been great!

The last episode was named “Ambush” and it seemed like an ambush the way things went down. Team Jones was trying to change the fight pick right before we went out to announce it, and we did it that way because we really were not sure how to break our feelings toward Jamal!

From my point of view, I thought Jamal had it in the bag except for when he would talk about not having positive reinforcement like he does back home. From the way he was acting, I was thinking he would not be able to focus on the task at hand. Jamal was trying to defend himself regarding his cardio and felt the need to prove a point to us, which was unnecessary in my opinion.

He got the fight and had nothing to prove in my eyes. As fighters, our main priority is getting to the next round. Jamal went into the cage and did what he planned to do. Unfortunately, there was no plan B. He exerted too much energy and it was clear his arms were exhausted. When he was throwing punches they were landing, but I think Jamal spent too much energy going for takedowns. He should have been blasting Luke with combos!

We all learn from our mistakes and I’m sure Jamal will as well. He was in there to win it but fell short. Luke Barnatt wasn’t giving anything up and he capitalized on a bad takedown attempt, clipping Jamal with a knee. But don’t forget about Jamal! The wild card is coming up! Will it be Jamal or someone else? Stay tuned for a great season!


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