Joseph Benavidez sends Ian McCall some poetry following UFC 156 fight


At UFC 156, Joseph Benavidez and Ian McCall went to war in the first bout of the PPV main card.

The two are friends outside of the cage and Benavidez decided to send some poetry to raise the spirits of McCall, who is dealing with personal times.

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blood & sweat, sometimes tears
battered hands, countless fears
highest highs, lowest lows
shattered dreams, the hurt just grows

your smile shields the pain you hide
all the while your dead inside
your faith is absent, your will gives out
now clear your mind, erase the doubt

everything that you have gave
to feel self worth that’s all you crave
the world stage, this is your role
you break your heart, you sell your soul

stay the course, endure the pain
you were born to entertain…

– Joseph Benavidez

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