Road to the Pro’s w/ Fraser Jordan #5 – Preparing for training camp


It’s the beginning of February and I am looking for a fight. I hope to be able to announce my next fight in the next few weeks and am training hard for this next step. Training has been going well lately and is only going to get better over the next two months. I have been training with Nathan Swayze who is expected to be fighting at the same time, which gives me a good competitive training partner to work with for this camp.

This week, Nathan Swayze, Bill Fraser, Mike Hackert and I got together for a night of sparring. Mike is a month out from his fight and feels very dangerous. He was fast and accurate on Wednesday and I am looking forward to seeing my longtime training partner take his next step towards his UFC career.

I feel like I have added a few new pieces since the last time I fought, and I’m focusing on how to bring these new skills out during the fight. In my last fight, I had worked on counter punching a lot leading up to the fight, and fought a stud amateur fighter named Wade Apps. In the first few minutes, Wade threw a right straight left hook combo, and I countered with a left uppercut that landed hard. After this I closed the distance too quickly looking to go for the finish, and Wade was able to get a big double leg take down on me. During the take down I went for an arm in guillotine choke, but as we landed I realized I wasn’t going to get it, and transitioned to a triangle. I took a lot from this fight including being patient when going for the finish, and what it was like to be on the receiving end of a big take down.

I hope to learn from every fight and feel that I can watch my own performance and pick out things I would like to change every time. I’m excited to be officially starting a new training camp, and will probably have one more cheat meal this week and then it is dieting time.

(Photo by Red Statyk)

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