Mark Hunt lands a big left hook to knockout Mark Hunt late in the fight


Both Mark Hunt and Stefan Struve were on win streaks and one had to come to an end.

Hunt landed punches and kicks early, so Struve decided to grab on and pull guard. Struve used his ground skill to pull off a butterfly guard sweep right into mount. The Skyscraper ground and pounded with some great punches and went for an armbar as Hunt was trying to escape, but Hunt defended well. Hunt finished the round in side control landing punches.

A big left hook started the round as Hunt connected early. Midway through the round Hunt was finding his way inside and landed punches at will. Hunt landed a beautiful trip sweep with just over two minutes left in the round. Hunt tried to get to his feet, but Struve landed in mount position and let his hands go. Again the round ended with Hunt on top, however this time in Struve’s guard.

The fatigue set in early in the third, but they both continue to throw. Hunt threw a big left hook that dropped Struve and Hunt just walked away. It took referee Herb Dean a second to realize Struve was out.

Mark Hunt def. Stefan Struve by TKO at 1:44 of Round 3

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