Shane Carwin Retires


With those words posted on Twitter today, Shane Carwin ended his career in a manner far different from how he finished fights in the Octagan. It was a humble end to a career filled with scintillating knockouts, from a fighter known for speaking through his actions. Ending his career with a 12-2 record, the Colorado-based heavyweight has not set foot in the cage since June 11, 2011, where he lost to Junior Dos Santos by unanimous decision. I was at that show with my now-wife, and we both watched on the edge of our seats as “The Engineer” took a hellacious beating from the Brazilian bomber, refusing to go down.  It was a gutsy performance, and even in a defeat it was one to go out on.  Thank you, Shane Carwin, for the highlight reel knockouts, the entertaining wars, and the quiet dignity you brought to the sport.


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