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MMASucka took part in the UFC’s media conference call for UFC 162: Silva Vs. Weidman today. With Dana White absent from the call, it was up to Chris Weidman and Anderson Silva to keep provide all the information and hype up their upcoming bout on July 6th. Here are the notes from today’s media call.

Chris Weidman

  • Hasn’t noticed an increase in media pressure as of yet.
  • Was frustrated to hear of the lack of initial interest on the UFC and Anderson Silva’s part in regard to this fight happening, but was glad that the UFC eventually decided to make the fight. God has a plan, and it’s working out for him.
  • Brought in Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson to help in training camp in order to emulate Silva’s quickness and unorthodox striking. Also worked with New York-area kickboxers and the BJJ black belts at the Renzo Gracie Academy.
  • The biggest thing he learned from watching Silva’s first fight with Chael Sonnen was that you need to stay relaxed while fighting Anderson. Chael got too tense while Anderson stayed relaxed, and Silva was able to catch the triangle choke.
  • When asked about MMA insiders commenting on Anderson’s mental strength being on a different level than most fighters,  Weidman hadn’t heard that, but believes Anderson is indeed mentally strong, and beats guys before they get into the cage because of his impressive prior performances.
  • Admires Anderson, and is a fan.
  • Is not worried about a potential superfight with Jon Jones if he wins, is focused only on beating Anderson.
  • Is also not worried about the superfight questions that Anderson Silva is getting. Feels that reporters should be focusing on the fight on July 6th, but that Anderson is answering the questions the right way.
  • Is not working with a psychologist or any kind of mental coach, unless you count his talking to Ray Longo every day as that. Doesn’t feel he needs it. Has a degree in pyschology.

Anderson Silva

  • Is still not excited to be fighting Chris Weidman, but fighting is his job.
  • Is more worried now about setting a good example for “the kids watching the UFC and the kids coming up.” Has already done everything there is to do, and now is just doing what he loves.
  • Feels his fight with Chris Leben will always be special, because it was his UFC debut and a big step up for him. Thanks Chris, Joe Silva, and Dana White.
  • Feels the greatest all-time MMA fighters are BJ Penn at #1, then Randy Couture, Chuck Liddell, and Royce Gracie.
  • Doesn’t train for his opponents, just trains to satisfy himself and to do what he has done best since he is a kid, which is fighting.
  • When asked if he feels the pressure of being in the main event and all the obligations that come with it during fight week will affect Weidman, Silva stated that he can’t speak for Chris, even if it’s a good question.
  • Feels that Brazil is about to go through big changes with the protests, and that it needs to make those political, financial, and educational changes. Supports the protestors as long as they stay peaceful, has stated that on Twitter, and feels that people must do what they need to do. What he needs to do is fight.
  • Still wants to fight Roy Jones Jr., feels it would be a good test for him, and has always been a big fan of Roy.
  • Did not call Dana White after Jon Jones defeated Chael Sonnen at UFC 159, claims to not have Dana’s personal number.
  • Does not pay attention to comments about the fight from people like GSP. Says GSP had his chance to fight him and didn’t take it.
  • Brought in Andrea Galvao, and some Thai kickboxers to Brazil to help him prepare for this fight, in addition to his time with his usual coaches Ramon Lemon and Pedro Rizzo.
  • Arrived in Los Angeles a couple of days ago, and will be working with a group of Cuban wrestlers while there.
  • Does not feel Weidman’s age is a challenge, said that Chris wanted the fight for a while, and we will see who was better prepared on July 6th.
  • Said it was not easy to see Antonio Rodgrio Nogueira lose, or to go with him in the ambulance after UFC on Fuel TV 10, as they have a family relationship. Can not say what Nogueira will do next.

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