Tweetstars of the Day (07/06/2013) – Dave Herman


There is always somebody cracking jokes about MMA, whether it’s fighters, writers or fans. Some of them are even pretty funny, and we’re going to share with you the three best tweets of the day from fighters, fans, and the media. Today we’ve got an expanded Mega-Edition, with a whole lotta UFC 162 goodness from the likes of Mauro Ranallo, cancer fighter Bill Hoyler, Front Row Brian, Vinc Pichel, Lauren Taylor, Josh Barnett, Ryan Couture and more! Plus, a bonus non-PPV related bit from Dr. Ann Maria De Mars!

Tweetstars of the Day (07/06/2013) – Dave Herman

#1) The last funny tweet of the Anderson Silva era.

#2) Fight wisdom runs deep in the Couture bloodline…

#3) Admit it, you were all thinking it. Adam “MMA Roasted” Hunter just beat you to it.

#4) The inimitable Mauro Ranallo sums up his thoughts on the conspiracy-theorists.

#5) Bill Hoyler, a huge MMA fan and battler of pancreatic cancer, takes a jab at Anderson for going back to Portuguese at the post-fight presser. As an aside, if you can, do Bill a solid and not only give him a follow, but donate to help him with his medical costs. He’s a good dude and, as I said before, a huge MMA fan.

#6) Front Row Brian also deflates the dreams of the conspiracy theorists.

#7) If I didn’t know better, I’d think that Vinc was a Chaelian.

#8) Lauren Taylor, who will be competing against Sarah D’alelio at Invicta FC 6 next weekend, sums up the finishing sequence of Silva vs. Weidman quite nicely.

#9) Josh Barnett: Warmaster, grappling ace, speaker of truth.

#10) The ever-entertaining Tomas Rios on the night’s judging.

#11) Listen to this man, he’s a doctor.

#12) Tommy Toehold, with a peak inside Chris Leven’s mind after his loss to Andrew Craig.

#13) MMA fan Earl Montclair also has thoughts on the judging at UFC 162.

#14) Spilled Bag of Ice, forecasting the expected Dave Herman cut.

#15) Dr. Ann Maria De Mars with a picture of what appears to be her daughter preparing to autograph her granddaughter.


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