Top 5 leg kickers in the UFC

One of the most potentially devastating striking techniques in the UFC is the leg kick. When used properly, you can all but cripple an opponent over the course of a fight, adversely affecting their movement, striking, and wrestling. Today we’re counting down the 5 best leg kickers in the UFC.

Top 5 leg kickers in the UFC






#5) Brandon “The Truth” Vera

Before his current run of inconsistency, Brandon Vera’s leg kicks were the kind of strikes that inspired fear in the UFC’s heavyweight and light heavyweight divisions. People tend to forget that after seeing the drubbing he received at the hands of Thiago Silva. However, it should be noted that Vera’s leg kicks are so damaging, he once earned a TKO victory over Michael Pratt at UFC 96. Now remember, TKOs due to leg kicks are about as common as slam knockouts, so this is an achievement worth remembering.



#4) Jon “Bones” Jones

Jon Jones has earned a spot on this list simply due to being the Jackson’s MMA fighter that best utilizes a variety of leg kicks, including theeps and side kicks above the knee joints. Because of his freakishly long limbs, Jones is able to use leg kicks to keep his opponents at distance before coming in with combinations or clinching up. From a tactical perspective, few people use leg kicks as well as the UFC Light Heavyweight Champion.



#3) Pat “HD” Barry

In addition to his larger than life personality, Pat Barry is known for his vicious leg kicks. In fact, he has 3 TKOs via the technique to his name! Winning his first professional fight by chopping his opponent’s leg out from under him, Barry would later collect two consecutive stoppages via leg kicks, including his UFC debut against Dan Evensen.



#2) Renan Barao

It should come as no surprise that a Nova Uniao representative should come in second place when considering leg kickers in the UFC. Barao uses his leg kicks in a similar way to Jon Jones, as a way to disarm and set up opponents for the later finish. More of a submission specialist, the interim UFC Bantamweight Champion tends to use his leg kicks to adversely affect his opponents’ movement before eventually getting the fight onto the ground and snatching a submission.



#1) Jose “Scarface” Aldo

While the UFC Featherweight Champion doesn’t have an leg kick TKOs to his name, he’s likely done the most visible damage of anybody on this list. After all, who hasn’t seen the damage he’s done to fighters like Urijah Faber? We all remember the sickening bruise that covered the entirety of “The California Kid’s” thigh, right? That was gruesome. For that alone, Aldo has earned a spot on this list, but for the continued damage he continues to deal with his leg kicks, buckling the knees of every opponent he seems to face, “Scarface” earns the number one spot.



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