Is Matt Brown being utilized correctly?

Matt Brown

The welterweight division is absolutely stacked with top talent, but the name Matt Brown (17-11) doesn’t necessarily stick out for the casual fan.

Is Matt Brown being utilized correctly?

With a record like Brown’s one wouldn’t think he is sitting on the fringe of the top ten in the division. However, he is currently riding a five-fight winning streak which is third in the division behind champ Georges St-Pierre (11) and number one contender Johny Hendricks (6).

After picking up five straight victories, with four of them coming by second round stoppage, Brown was pitted against Thiago Alves for the first ever FOX Sports 1 event. Nothing against Alves, but why is the UFC giving a guy who is riding such a streak someone who is coming off a loss and is 2-4 in his last six fights? Lucky for Brown the fight didn’t come to fruition, as Alves pulled out due to injury.

Stepping in for Alves is former Xtreme Couture fighter Mike Pyle. This fight is a little more fun, as both are scrappy fighters who like to bang, but again Pyle is not the step up in competition for Brown that he deserves in my opinion. Yes he is on a nice four-fight winning streak, but come on UFC.

According to Fight Matrix Brown is ranked #19 and Pyle is #13. I guess if you are looking at just rankings then this fight makes a ton of sense, but as a fighter on a five-fight winning streak don’t you think he deserves someone more prominent in the division?

With that question at hand, I decided to ask some media members if they feel like the UFC is utilizing Brown correctly and their answers are unanimous below.

Ian Bain (MMA Opinion)

I think so, Pyle is on a 4 fight win streak and is a replacement for Alves who wpuld have been the best striker Brown had faced in that streak

Erik Fontanez (Gracie Mag)

There’s nothing exciting about Matt Brown, and that’s why the UFC uses him like they do.

 Jordan Breen (Sherdog)

Why not? He’s in a great, smartly made fight tonight that could get him against a top-10 opponent. I like it.

Jason Floyd (The MMA Report)

I would say so. Win tonight clearly puts him “in the mix” as Dana would say

Mike Bohn (MMAJunkie)

Well you have to think about the fact Pyle was also a replacement for Thiago Alves. I think he’s being used correctly. He won on a four-fight losing streak or whatever it was before so he has to put together a bigger streak than most to get into the top-10. Also the guys he’s been fighting are either near the bottom of the division or out of the UFC. I think Pyle deserves a good fight too and the winner of this one will get someone in the bottom of the top-10.
Damon Martin (Bleacher Report)
I think so, so far After this one tho, he’s gonna have to get a top ten fight
You’ve read what I had to say and what some other media members said, now it’s time for you to make your opinion be known. Comment below.



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