Tweetstars of the Day (08/18/2013) – Alinny Magalhes


There is always somebody cracking jokes about MMA, whether it’s fighters, writers or fans. Some of them are even pretty funny, and we’re going to share with you some of the best tweets of the day from fighters, fans, and the media. Today we’ve got an expanded edition focused on UFC Fight Night 26, with shots from Alinny Magalhaes (Vinny’s wife), Dave Doyle quoting Dana White, Jonathan Snowden, Dizz, Jordan Breen, pro wrestler Alberto del Rio, Shaun al-Shatti, Yves Edwards, and Marc Raimondi.

#1) Even Vinny’s lovely wife, Alinny Magalhaes, is getting in on the comedy action tonight.

#2) Leave it to Dana to sum up a situation perfectly. Thanks for the quote, Dave!

#3) Bleacher Report’s Jonathan Snowden is watching you ask questions. It’s like a less creepy version of “Ceiling Cat.”

#4) This is not the worst idea I’ve ever heard for a contest…

#5) Jordan Breen is looking for the method to Chael’s madness.

#6) You may not know this, but Alberto del Rio has fought in MMA before, competing in DEEP and Pride while wearing a mask, under the name of Dos Caras Jr.

#7) You’re not the only one, Shaun.

#8) Yves Edwards really does deserve more sponsorship swag.

#9) Marc Raimondi of the New York Post speculates on John Howard’s victorious strategy.

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