One Stop Shop: weekly video recap – Georges St-Pierre Training


Really? letting me do a second round of these? This ain’t a hard gig.  I subscribe to a bunch of MMA related YouTube channels and pull my favorite videos from the past week.  I think I’m a witty fella, so add my $0.02 to intro the video. Then KA-BOOM!  One Stop Shop: Weekly video recap is done.

I still really don’t like this title.  My original title “JPjitsu’s Weekly Super Awesome MMA YouTube Round-Up” got vetoed by the powers that be ( Jeremy Brand and Trevor Dueck of MMASucka Radio- Listen every Tuesday on the Apple podcast app, or Sticher or from our website).

OK…. enough rambling.  If you have any videos you think needs to be shared or if you can come up with a better title, tweet me at @jplasaleta with #onestopshop!

One Stop Shop: weekly video recap – Georges St-Pierre Training

Here we go!

The Don, Dana White makes an appearance on the new nightly sports show, Fox Sports Live, talking about last weeks inaugural Fox Sports 1 UFC event and defends his buddy A-Rod. (posted by FOX Sports)

Then, the Gangster from the mean streets of West Linn, Oregon had a message for the Don while on the air. (posted by FOX Sports)

Legendary Muay Thai Champion John Wayne Parr comes out from down under and goes to La Belle Province  to visit GSP at the Tristar Gym for some training.
Up and coming fighters take note: the greatest welterweight of all time still willing to humble himself to take constructive criticism and work HARD to correcting his game.  I find this clip inspiring as JWP is not impressed with his performance. (posted by tristargymcanada)

JWP shows how its done.  If I had to hold the pad like Firaz in this video… I’d probably need to change my underpants afterward. (posted by tristargymcanada)

“For my birthday, all I want is a hug from Ronda Rousey.” That’s what this kid thought he wanted. Until…well… watch video to see what it takes to get any action from the women’s bantamweight champion.

You may have never heard of all elbows but you most probably have seen their work, and most definitely enjoyed it.  They are MMA’s power couple behind the lens of some of the best video and photography.  Ester Lin takes some of the best MMA photos on the planet.  E. Casey Leydon is the man behind the camera and production for Ariel Helwani’s fighter interviews on, and video you are about to see.   On top of all that, from my personal experiences,  they are very cool people.  Enjoy the all elbows recap of Invicta FC 3.  (posted by allelbows)

Interesting insights:

Pro Wrestling Legendary Manager Jim Cornette Talks UFC and how he would have swung the Attitude era to new heights. (posted by WimpyMuzik11)

One of the most interesting men of MMA, Ian McCall opens up on the Joe Rogan Experience. It’s 3 hours long, but worth every minute, aside from the ads at the beginning. (posted by PowerfulJRE)

The funnies:

Urijah Faber fight stories.  I really thought this was going to be about Faber’s favorite stories of him ass kicking some big drunk oafs at his local bar.  I was a little disappointed at first, but after watching this all the way through, I was pleasantly surprised.  (posted by FOX Sports)

TTTHS Institue for Boring ass fighters.  J-Lau has to go back to school after his last performance… (posted by Tommy Toe Hold)

Rosey Namajunas, Pat Barry’s girl friend that kicks ass in Invicta FC, shows the most deadliest fight move ever.  (posted by hypeordie)

The Martial Arts OGs:

Mike Tyson vs Mike Tyson’s Punch-out for the first time.  That would suck if he lost to Glass Joe… (posted by FOX Sports)

The Grandmaster is a movie about Bruce Lee’s Sifu, Ip Man.  Vice does an amazing job to bring some interest in the Martial Arts by bringing these animations to life!  (posted by VICE)

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