One Stop Shop: weekly round up – TUF Throwback


This weeks edition of One Stop Shop has 2 former lightweight title contenders, a relation between MMA and Mighty Ducks 2, and a must see TUF related fight throwback.

One Stop Shop: weekly round up – TUF Throwback

The fighter’s inspiration…

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Gilbert Melendez talks about his mentality when he walks into the cage. (posted by UFC)

Diego Sanchez talks about his journey as the prodigal son of team Jackson Winklejohn. (posted by UFC)

The FOX Sports channel…

The partnership between the UFC and FOX Sports has given us some great content that you wouldn’t have ever seen without a major network backing.  Who would have thought Regis Philbin would have ever have anything to do with UFC?  Let’s play Gangster or Grappler! (posted by FOX Sports)

Anything with Brittney Palmer is worth watching.  Let’s play Word Association! (posted by FOX Sports)

Who would have though creator of the Knuckle Puck,  Good Burger star, and of course former SNL cast member, Keenan Thompson, would be calling a UFC fight?  Let’s play Commentators Go Wild! (posted by FOX Sports)

The TUF…

Here is a relevant throw back that was referred to in this weeks episode of TUF.  Shayna Baszler and Roxanne Modifari had a fight in the Bodog Fight promotion, that started the 2 fighter’s friendship. Even though it only lasts a few minutes, it’s a very exiting fight. (posted by FightXtreme)

Side note: You MUST check out Commentator/Canadian MMA pioneer Paul Lazenby’s Facebook group “When We Were Bouncers” for some awesome stories from the likes of Renzo Gracie, Bas Rutten and Pat Militech to name a few.

If you didn’t notice from her prelim fight into the house, Jessamyn Duke is a hard core 10th Planet Jiu Jitsu head, just like season 17’s winner, Kelvin Gastelum.  Here’s Jessamyn showing the effectiveness of the rubber guard in a striking application. (Eddie Bravo)

The funny…

The latest edition of TTHS has dinosaurs, video games, Anderson’s Silva new tag line and Nate Diaz’s high school memories. (posted by Tommy Toe Hold)

Oldie but a goodie that my buddy posted on my FB wall.  This is some SERIOUS self defense technique that you just don’t mess with… because you might hurt yourself.  (posted by buzzpal)

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