One Stop Shop: weekly round up- Zombie Apocalypse

This weeks weekly recap has stolen videos from a tee shirt company that doubles as a movie production company, a wolfman that knows a lot of martial arts, Master Ken, a disproportionate cartoon with a goatee, and a Canadian.  BUT first….

One Stop Shop: weekly round up- Zombie Apocalypse

 The EPIC video that needs to be first with a category of it’s own!!

OK… so I had already published this weekly round up and all of a sudden BJJ black belt, and one of the best over the internet instructors,  Stephen Kesting, had to post one of the most EPIC BJJ instructional videos I have seen this year, and I didn’t want to wait until next week to post it.  It has Jits, and it has Zombies.   WATCH IT!!  (posted by Stephan Kesting)


The recap of epic fights…

This past week marked the 38th aniversary of Ali vs Frazier’s “Thrilla in Manila”.  Roots of Fight produced a new T-shirt line to commemorate the event, and of course, a sick video with a bunch famous fighters to talk about it.  (posted by Roots Of Fight)


Ray Longo talks about how they beat and will beat again Anderson Silva. (posted by Fighters Only)


Maximum Fighting Championships keeps the good times rolling with this great highlight reel of MFC 38, capped off with a devastating head kick KO.  I wish every week I could find a new head kick to post.  (posted by AXS TV Fights)


The fighters messing around…

So Carlos, you almost KO’d GSP for the welterweight title?  Well check out what Chad Mendez can do!  (posted originally by Urijah Faber on Instagram. Re-posted to youtube by ZombieProphet)


So Chael, you have the biggest arms with the greatest charm?  Well how about an arm wrestling match with this girl named Cat? (posted by The Ultimate Fighter)


So you think you’re a tough guy, eh?  Well how about having a roll at Gokor’s gym with Manny Gamburyan and Karo Parisyan? (posted by DanTheWolfman1)


The time for Muay Thai…

Glory FC had their 10th event this past weekend in Las Angeles. Here’s a recap and back stage look at their well produced event. It’s a smart strategy the way they put this video together with some cameos from MMA fighters to bring cross sport interest to the Muay Thai world, especially with Nick Diaz saying that it’s an even more hard core sport than MMA or boxing. (posted by gloryworldseries)


Master Ken, the Master of all that is the deadly art of Ameridote,  points out the faults of the Muay Thai round house of Kevin “Conan” Bankens.


The double dose of TTTHS…

Everyone’s favorite cartoon reporter, Tommy Toe Hold,  is going big this week with 2 solid video.  Even without a big UFC event for the last 2 weeks he was able to crank out his longest episode yet.  He includes a recap of the staged Chael vs Wandy confrontation at the Mr Olympia expo this past weekend in Vegas, and explores the interviewing prowess of Forrest Griffin. (posted by Tommy Toe Hold)


Next, we’re popping the poop (literally) with the New York Bad Ass, Phil Baroni. (posted by Tommy Toe Hold)


The odd…

Our Canadian bros at The MMeh? Show! have this new series coming called STOMP MOTION FC.  They take the Jakks UFC action figures and make them fight each other for our viewing pleasure.  It’s a pretty damn good idea especially since all these toys use the same mold from their lightweights to heavyweights, to make BJ Penn the same size as Don Frye that way there are no disputes of weight differentials.  On top of all that, you know a video is going to be interesting when they take the time to cut the South Park warning screen to the begining of the video. (posted by mmehshow)


So Jeremy here at MMASucka suggested to add this grappling match between 2 scantily clad women for this weeks round up.  I have no idea where he found it, or what type of kinky stuff he’s into.  The only thing I can take away from this was Minxy Li pulled off an OK arm drag off the top.  Enjoy! (posted by llkejef elkmweow)


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