One Stop Shop: Legacy FC 24, UFN 29, CFA 12 and More


This week’s One Stop Shop has videos from exceptional athletes, beautiful KOs, Paul Harris, and secret ninja training revealed!

One Stop Shop: Legacy FC 24, UFN 29, CFA 12 and More

The fights…

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Legacy FC 24 had former professional boxing world champion Holly Holm extend her professional MMA record to 5-0.  Mike Winklejohn has refocused this boxer into one of the best strikers in women’s MMA.  Who would have thought she would be throwing devistating side kicks?  (posted by pegsonmmatest)

Also on the Legacy FC 24 card,   another combat sports standout continues his foray into MMA.  2008 Olympic gold medalist in wrestling, Henry Cejudo,  dominated Ryan Hollis in true wrestler fashion.  Here’s an interesting recap of the fight posted by one of Henry’s sponsors. (posted by BesomebodyBlog)

CFA 12 had a solid set of fights on last night including the first loss for trans-gender MMA fighter Fallon Fox against heavy underdog Ashley Evans-Smith.  Also in this highlight video, Sam Thao lands a beautiful axe kick in a losing effort against Flyweight Champion Josh Sampo.  (posted by AXS TV Fights)

The finishes…

I’m not sure how new this head kick KO footage is, but it was posted this week, and it was quite nifty. (posted by poHXnHs)

The next best thing to a head kick KO is a BODY SHOT KO! (posted by Nicolás Sinacore)

The  Paul Harris saga…

The hotly debated release of Rousimar Palhares from the UFC after not releasing a submission immediately after the referee stopped the fight has spawned many interesting articles, conversations and videos.  From what I have seen from various comment sections and social media, most of the public is supporting the UFC’s decision, but some others believe there is compelling evidence that he released the hold in a reasonable amount of time.

The following video shows the incident again with a timer of how long it takes for Palhares to remove the hold after the ref makes contact, which supports the latter argument.  (posted by Roxas Novaliches)

Here is the official cut by Dana White on ESPN where he compares this incident to the infamous Paul Daley cheap shot. (posted by various sources)

The apology.  Palhares pleads that it was not his intention to hurt anyone, but to ensure his victory. (posted by ToquinhoMMA)

The Funny:

OK, enough of that heavy controversial stuff.  Let’s just sit back and laugh at what Tommy Toehold has for us this week…

wait… he still has more on the Paul Harris Saga… (posted by Tommy Toe Hold)

Welterweight Josh Burkman has had a career resurgence since signing with the WSOF. He’s on a 5 fight win streak including his last and most notable win over former UFC title contender Jon Fitch.  At the end of this month Josh will face Steve Carl on October 26, 2013 at WSOF 6 in the main event for the WSOF Welterweight Championship.
Josh attributes the new found success to his new training regime that includes the use of a hooded onsie, and a blind style of ninjitsu. (posted by  0fficialbjpenn)

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