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ONE FC 11: Bibiano Fernandes becomes ONE FC’s undisputed 135-lbs champion


The first frame was one way traffic, with Bibiano Fernandes bringing proceedings to the canvas. He thrived in top position, controlling Kim for almost the entire round.

The Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu ace was determined to start the second round just like he did in the first, and the he did just that landing a takedown almost immediately. After several minutes of relative inactivity from both fighters, the referee stood both fighters up. Both Kim and Fernandes than had a couple of striking exchanges, before slowly moving up to the cage. The referee than separated them again, and the round ended with Fernandes on top landing a couple of blows.

ONE FC 11: Bibiano Fernandes becomes ONE FC’s undisputed 135-lbs champion

The third round saw Kim stepping it up a notch, as he connected with several crisp punches throughout. Suffice to say, Kim wanted to keep the fight standing, while his opponent wanted it on the canvas. Fernandes had success towards the end of the frame, where in the last minute or so, he gained a takedown, and remained in top position until the bell rang.

As we entered into the fourth round, Fernandes landed a takedown but once again, as with previous takedowns, he wasn’t able to land any substantial strikes of any kind. At the 2:20 mark, though, Kim landed a takedown, but instead of getting into a full guard position, the South Korean stood up and landed kicks instead. The fourth round came to a close with Kim landing a fury of strikes against Fernandes up against the cage.

As a striking battle ensued in the opening stages of the final stanza, Kim was caught with a shot to his nuts but he recovered quickly and carried on. Kim eventually succumbed to another takedown, but was able to stand back up. And in the final minute, Kim pushed the pace hoping to make something happen, but Bibiano was having none of that with repeated takedown attempts.

A fairly lackluster championship bout to say the very least. Both fighters never really got going for all five rounds.

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