One Stop Shop: weekly round up – Jorge Masvidal Grinding and More


This week’s One Stop Shop brings Donnie Yen’s dream fight,  an inside look at cutting weight,  and the real Karate Kid. But first,  check out the latest video series by one of my favorite MMA film makers.

One Stop Shop: weekly round up – Jorge Masvidal Grinding and More

The Tales From The Grind…

“Tales From The Grind” is a web series that features an in-depth look into UFC lightweight Jorge Masvidal’s preparation for his fight against Mike Cheisa this past July in Seattle. It’s produced by Genghis Con Films, who is one of the top MMA documentary film makers in the game.  Check out this series, and when your done,  check out what else he has up on his YouTube page. You won’t be disappointed.  (Posted by GenghisConFilms)

The Big Show…

Slow mo video of fighters getting punched in the face from the UFC 166 Phantom cam. (Posted by UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship)

Behind the Scenes of Tim Boetch cutting weight for his UFC 166 fight against CB Dollaway. (Posted by AXS TV Fights)

The Brazilians…

Lyoto Machida needs to change from the Dragon to The Karate Kid.  Here he shows how to successfully launch a Crane Kick that would make Pat Morita happy. (Posted by UFC – Ultimate Fighting Championship)

Legendary Chute Boxe coach, now head coach of Kings MMA, Rafael Cordeiro, talks about the fight between Wanderlei Silva vs Chael Sonnen, and how to coach the Axe Murderer.  (Posted by Fighters Only)

The Funnies…

Retired NFL linebacker Brian Urlacher backs down from UFC champion Cain Velasquez.  Maybe Brian had a flash back of the Bas Rutten incident…  (Posted by FOX Sports)

Donnie Yen vs Bruce Lee…  Press play – Nuff said.  (Posted by donnieyennet)

Tony Jaa teaches Vin Diesel some tricks while filming Fast 7!  I’m usually pretty skeptical about the ability of movie tough guys, but Diesel does a pretty good job in showing off some athleticism and coach-ability. (Posted by FF7Movie)

Vegita will always love you.  Wow.  Just speechless.  Bet you just had to smile at this one.  Posted by jonklie.

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