One Stop Shop: weekly round up – Dominick Cruz Ring Rust and More


On this weeks edition of the weekly round up, we have the Axe Murderer’s secret weapon, the return of Stop Motion FC and some Big Gay Ice Cream.

One Stop Shop: weekly round up – Dominick Cruz Ring Rust and More

The professionals…

Dominick Cruz is not worried about ring rust after an over 2 year injury lay off when he makes his anticipated comeback for early in 2014 against Rennan Barao. Posted by (AXS TV Fights).

Wanderlei talks about his secret weapon that he can’t use in the UFC.  Truely, it’s not really a secret weapon.  Watching Wandy’s Pride FC fights with Yuki Kondo, Kazuyuki Fujita, Sakuraba or pretty much anyone else would reveal the secret move. Posted by (TheFightNetwork).

To get your head kick fill in this week, check out these Muay Thai highlights from Lion Fight 12 straight from Las Vegas.  I would love to check one of these out live.  Great fights, and from what I hear, its a well produced live event. Posted by (AXS TV Fights).

The gentle art…

Nam Phan is scheduled to make his UFC bantamweight debut against Takeya Mizugaki this December.  But before he competes in the octogon,  Phan’s next opponnent is on the the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mat.  Multiple time BJJ world champion Caio Terra, mostly known in the MMA community as Carlos Condit’s grappling coach against GSP,  faces off in a super fight against Phan this coming weekend at the World Jiu-Jitsu Expo.  Here’s the prefight hype.  Posted by (Budo Videos).

Anthony Bourdain is a bad ass.  How bad ass is he?  He married Ottavia who’s an active blue belt BJJ competitor under the tutelage of Renzo Gracie.  So put all you bad restaurants around the world on notice.  If you mess with Anthony,  his wife will take your back and put you to sleep.

Here she is on Budo Videos “this week in BJJ”.  Posted by (Budo Videos).

Here’s Ottavia choking out her Big Gay Ice Cream owner friend. Posted by (FIGHTLAND).

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The funny…

With Halloween passing last Thursday,  Master Ken shows the best way to safely sort the candy for the kids.  Posted by (EnterTheDojoShow).

Our friends at The MMeh? Show released their next 2 Stop Motion FC fights with Don Frye, Brock Lesnar and BJ Penn.  They’re worth a watch! Posted by (mmehshow).

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