One Stop Shop: weekly round up – UFC Legends and More


This week’s edition of the weekly round up we have some old fighters, the Street Solider, the Meathead, and champions fighting over snack food.

The UFC Legends

To pay tribute to the UFC’s 20th aniversary,  the Fight Club Q and A session was treated to ask questions to UFC legends Royce Gracie, Mark Coleman, Dan Severn and Art Jimmerson.  Posted by MMA H.E.A.T..

GSP and Royce Gracie put on a show for the crowd at UFC 167 open work outs.  Posted by MMA H.E.A.T.

One of the first 2 combatant to ever step into the UFC, Teila Tuli, talks bout his experience at UFC 1, and how it has affected his life.  Posted by

He never fought MMA,  but truly deserves legendary status.  Multiple time Muay Thai champion  John Wayne Par talks about training with GSP.  Posted by Karyn Bryant.

The competition…

You can always count on Thailand to produce an exciting KO of the week.  This guy was out before he hit the mat.  Posted by Live Muay Thai Guy.

Matt Mitrione has a frustrating go at a grappling competition.  The opponent did just enough to score a point, but stalled the rest of the fight.  Mitrione even laid flat on the mat at one point giving the opponent an advantageous position.  Matt has every right to be pissed off. Posted by 0fficialbjpenn.

Getting paid outside the UFC…

Here’s a Video diary of Strikeforce alumni Brett Rogers’ experiences in Russia for an MMA fight.  Posted by MiddleEasy.

Check out this animated trailer for Rampage Jackson’s new super hero comic book series called “Street Solider”. Posted by MiddleEasy.

The Funny…

Champions Renan Barao and Jose Aldo go face to face in a new type of callenge.  Who knew eating Doritos could be this intense?  Posted by DoritosOficial.

This is a great segment by the Fight Network that they should do more of! Johnny Hendricks nerds out at the comic book store.  They give him $100.00 to buy what ever he wants. Posted by TheFightNetwork.

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