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Jeremy Kennedy’s Team Quest Thailand Blog #5

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This month has strictly been dedicated to my training camp. Nothing but training, resting, thinking about training, training and sleeping. Two to three times a day I’m training with a mixture of MMA drilling/sparring, Muay Thai, boxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and lots of strength & conditioning — my weeks fill up fast.

This month we had two high level and very experienced BJJ black belts with lots of MMA fights to their credit join us. Bruno Carvalho (15-9) 3rd degree black belt, and Alan Carlos (12-8) black belt.¬† I have learned a lot of new tricks that have already been working well for me thanks to them. Our new grappling coach Jason Burnsworth also joined us. It’s been awesome seeing the team grow.

On July 26 I had my third fight in Thailand at CMFC 4 and was able to win by my favourite submission, the Peruvian Necktie. I didn’t want the short notice fight to affect my training camp for my fight back home, so leaving no time for rest, I trained throughout the week of the fight and was back in the gym Monday morning training hard for Andre Da Silva. I still have tickets for my fight, so if you’re interested in coming out please contact me.

I am still actively looking for sponsors to help pay for expenses during this training camp, with lots of room on my fight shorts and walk out  shirt. This fight will have a ton of exposure being on TV and online PPV.

I would like to thank my sponsors that have helped and supported me — Aria Banquet & Convention Centre, MMASucka.com, Strike Athletics, and Team Quest Thailand.

That’s it for this month, check back in September to hear about the last few weeks of my training camp, and the results on my fight August 23rd!

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