UFC Fit Review – Weeks 3 & 4


MMASucka.com owner Jeremy Brand has taken on the journey of UFC Fit and you can join him with these weekly UFC Fit reviews that he will be doing for the next 12-weeks.

Check out the below quote from the UFC Fit website and then check the Day 1-5 review from Jeremy following.

The UFC FIT program is broken into four, three-week segments. Picture building blocks, where each one stacks on top of the other. UFC FIT focuses on building a solid foundation in the early phases to develop strength, flexibility and conditioning that will be drawn upon in later phases. UFC FIT teaches techniques with the proper volume and intensity to force consistent progression so that with each workout, you get better.

But then, boom! It changes.

Without further ado…


This format will be a little different, as I was on vacation for 5 days, so I didn’t have access to a scale. My weight will not be calculated every single day, also my diet photos and workout photos weren’t taken at all over the two weeks. So I’m sorry — no slideshow.

Day 13

Workout – Cardio Cross Train – The sweat continues to pour with me in this Cardio Cross Train DVD. I do find that the more I do it though, my flexibility is much better, I am able to keep up with the FIT Team and just feel much better about my overall self.

Day 14


Day 15

Workout – Power Pull – This workout is a lot of fun, I continued with the light weight, because I want to keep my form awesome rather than lifting heavy the wrong way.

Day 16

Workout – Fat Fighter – As I’ve said before, this workout is only 30-minutes, but it still kicks my ass. It’s five rounds and I am dripping by the end of it. You will be extremely excited for the cool down to let your body recover.

Day 17

VACATION IN SALMON ARM and KELOWNA (Day 18, Day 19, Day 20, Day 21, Day 22)

Workouts were Cardio Cross Train, Ab Assassin, Power Pull, Cardio Cross Train, Ultimate Stretch Flex and Plyo Shred – While in Salmon Arm for the first two days I was on a farm in a little old house. I was able to put the DVD’s in my computer and workout in the bedroom, but was nervous jumping around, as the house was so old. I still pushed as hard as I could in the space I had. The other three-days were spent in a Kelowna hotel room where I was able to get some awesome workouts in. This was the first time a couple workouts were introduced – Ultimate Stretch Flex and Plyo Shred. The stretching was a nice change of pace. There were no rounds and no time, it was simply following along with the FIT Team in a bunch of relaxing stretching exercises.

Diet – My diet was not completely on point for these five days and I don’t apologize to you guys reading this, but actually to myself. I kicked myself hard when I got home and pushed back to it. I was in Kelowna for a wedding and I enjoyed the food that night, which I probably shouldn’t have, but I did.

Day 23

Workout – Shark Attack – Another shortie here, at just 30-minutes. The Shark Attack is a mix of punching, kicking and cardio that is built around three rounds with five exercises done twice. This disc is more of a cool down than a hardcore workout. Don’t get me wrong, I was still sweating, but it was more of an intermediate workout rather than an advanced one at this point in the game.

Day 24

Workout – Cardio Cross Train & Ab Assassin – Doing two workouts in one day is always a killer, especially when you kill your abs in Cardio Cross Train and then follow it up with a deadly Ab Assassin. Fun times on Day 24.

Diet – Back to my regular at home diet, which should also be packed for on the road. I had some East Coast Breakfast Toast for breakfast which I’ve eaten a ton, but it’s so darn good. Had an egg scramble for lunch which was delicious and then some chicken with veggies for dinner.

Day 25

Workout – Fat Fighter – I’ve spoken about Fat Fighter on a number of occasions now and it continues to get easier for me. Much like Cardio Cross Train, my flexibility is getting much better. I am used to the sprawls, get-ups and whatnot in this one, as I train outside the UFC Fit program as well.

Diet – Had some leftover Breakfast Toast and berry syrup so I had two pieces of that. Dinner was a Fighter Fajita which the entire family loves — even my five-year-old daughter.

Day 26

Workout – Plyo Shred – This Plyo Shred workout is big, It has everything from cardio to strength to explosive moves. You will be jumping around your living room throwing knees, blasting elbows, blocking punches and more. It is broken down into four moves in five rounds and all done in just 39-minutes.

Diet – On point for the entire week. The family went to Splashdown Water slides and barbecued hot dogs and whatnot, so I brought out some chicken and grilled it up for lunch with veggies.


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