Silva, Jones, Cormier, Casey all receive punishments from the NSAC


On Tuesday Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier faced the Nevada State Athletic Commission regarding their brawl during a media day in Las Vegas last month. Immediately after Cormier took the stand, Silva’s lawyer Ross Goodman stepped up in place for the absent Brazilian. After the Silva trial, it was the final MMA item on today’s agenda, Kevin Casey.

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier would both receive a fine and community service. Each fine would be 10% of the fighters purse for their upcoming fight. Jones’ fine is $50K, Cormier’s $9K. Along with the fine, each guy got community service. Jones received 40 hours community service that must take place in Las Vegas, Cormier received 20 hours that can take place in his hometown of San Jose.

The commission was looking to make an example out of Wanderlei Silva, who ‘ran’ from his UFC 175 drug test. Silva was not in attendance, or even there via phone, instead, his lawyer Ross Goodman faced the commission. Eccles, Marnell and Aguilar all agree that right off the bat they want Silva to know he will never fight in Vegas again, now the only question was would he face a fine? Commissioner Lundvall moved for a $60K fine and a lifetime ban, but Marnell wants a bigger fan, the max fine, which is $200K. They then said that they ‘don’t buy’ Silva’s retirement, and end on a lifetime ban and a fine of $70,000. Ross Goodman will appeal the commissions decision.

Dana White was not lying when he said it doesn’t look good for Wanderlei Silva.

The last MMA item on the agenda, Kevin Casey due to failed drug test post-UFC 175. Casey says he took the banned substance (drostanolone) to help himself cut weight. The commission has given him a 12 month suspension as well as a fine of 35% of his fight purse, which is $5,600. His last win over Bubba Bush is now ruled a No Contest.


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