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In April 2013 I was lucky enough to get my hands on Onnit’s testosterone product, T+ and do a nice little review. Well, they are back at it and have a brand new formula for T+ on the market.

This won’t just be a product review for the new formula, but instead a comparison between the two.

First things first, when the package was opened, to my surprise the container was visually different. The new bottle seems to be going towards Onnit’s more sleek look.

Prior to my afternoon workout, a full serving was taken and even though I¬†wasn’t too fond of the original formula flavor, I found the new one wasn’t much better. It had a bitter taste, not much like the watermelon flavor it has advertised on the bottle.

If you can get past the flavor then you will dig this product 100%.

When at the gym, the thing that I like about T+ (both formulas) is that it gives you no tingly after affects. You can go in and pump that extra weight, with no crazy feeling.

To get the most out of your bottle of T+ make sure you take it before and after training. This can help with recovery and I have no way to compare this from the OG formula, as I only used it post-workout with the new blend.

You may ask, what is new about the formula? Well we have you covered.

The new T+ increased from an overall 11 gram serving to a 14 gram serving. No ingredient was reduced, and several were increased. The new T+ contains additional Longjack, and a plentiful serving of BCAAs for peak athletic performance.

Below is a graphic that we made up showing which formula takes precedent. You may not agree with us, but this is our take. Give us yours below in the comments if you want.


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