The Monster is Here – Get to know TUF hopeful Kyle Nelson


The Fighter: Kyle “The Monster” Nelson

Professional MMA Record: 6-0

Last Fight: Defeated Ainsley Robinson via first round submission (guillotine)

The Monster is Here – Get to know TUF hopeful Kyle Nelson

He hails from Huntsville, Ontario, Canada, he’s undefeated as a professional, he is Kyle “The Monster” Nelson. The 23 year old mixed martial artist is off to a perfect start in his career and is looking to take the next big step.

It was recently announced that tryouts for season 22 of The Ultimate Fighter will be in Las Vegas, beginning on March 29th. Nelson will be among a number of Canadian hopefuls making the trip out in an attempt to make their dreams a reality.

However, like many young MMA professionals, Nelson hasn’t exactly struck it rich in the fight game just yet. To help with travel and training expenses en route to his TUF dreams, Nelson has set up a donation page where any and all amounts are welcome. It can be seen at http://www.gofundme.com/TheMonster.

Nelson recently stopped by MMASucka.com to discuss his career thus far as a professional MMA fighter, possible future matchups, music and much more. Check it out.

For those that don’t know, you’re a perfect 6-0 as a professional, yet your last win was all the way back in May of 2014- what’s with the long lay off? Are you finding it hard to find fights in your home province of Ontario?

“I was finally building some momentum with a fight last March and then the big win in May, when all the fight offers dried up. I am finally starting to get some offers now but I really don’t like sitting out this long.”

You’re travelling all the way to Las Vegas later this month (March 29th) to try out for Season 22 of The Ultimate Fighter, correct? You’re a natural 145er, but that season is advertised for 155 and 170lbs. Safe to assume we’ll see “The Monster” competing at lightweight if you make it onto that season?

“Yes the plan is to try out in the 155 division. 145 is a good weight for me when I have a lot of time to prepare and cut weight but on the show you never know when your going to fight and it can come at pretty short notice so I think I will do better at 155.”

Your hometown is listed as Huntsville, Ontario – where are you training currently and who are your coaches?

“I still live in Huntsville and I train a bit here at a gym called Marchand`s MMA and Self Defence. But the majority of my serious training is done in Stoney Creek at House of Champions, under Kru Alin and Para Bellum MMA.”

As I stated earlier, you’re off to a perfect start in your professional MMA career, have you been pleased with all of your performances thus far and who’s been your toughest opponent to date?

“There is always room for improvement but I have always gone out and done my job, so I cant be too hard on myself. I would say my toughest opponent was an amateur fighter named James Heughs I think.”

MMA has been legalized in Ontario for nearly four years now. Would you rate the provinces promotion a success or a failure thus far? Seems like back in 2011 we were the hot bed for UFC events and local shows were popping up everywhere, but as of late things seem to have died down.

“MMA is definitely slow in Ontario. I think the promotions do the best they can but Ontario is a hard place to put on shows with the athletic commission the way it is. I still think we have some of the best MMA fans in the world here though.”

You’re a relatively young fighter in the sport of MMA, at just 23 years old. Is there anyone whose style you try and model yours afterwards or any current or past fighters you look up to? Why or why not?

“I try and take bits and pieces from every fighter that impresses me. Conor McGregor and Chael Sonnen both have great speaking skills and know how to entertain the fans out side of the ring and that’s something I admire. I try to work a similar jab to take down that GSP does, but I don’t quite have it down yet.”

With 1 KO, 2 submissions and 3 decision victories on your resume, what would you classify your style of fighting as? Why should the fans line up to see a Kyle Nelson fight?

“My style of fighting is what ever I need to do to win, but I always like to finish. I adjust my style to each opponent and I feel my mental game has come along way since I started and that’s going to help me start finishing guys more often. I think fans should tune into my fights because I believe that I have a little bit of everything to entertain every type of fan.”

With aspirations of making it on TUF, you’re obviously trying to make it into the UFC. If you could hand pick three opponents for yourself right now who would they be and why?

“Denis Siver: I think him and I would put on a good stand up fight and he is in the top 10 which would help move me up the ladder quick.

Clay Guida: A guy that is so full of energy and with such great cardio. It would be hard to not have an exciting fight.

Eddie Alverez: Another guy that is fast pace and can keep coming for 3 or even 5 rounds.

I think I would put on exciting fights against all theses guys and that’s why I would like to fight them, keep the fans on the edge of there seats.”

Top three songs on your iPod playlist right now?

“I Prevail- Blank Spaces (Taylor Swift cover)
Eminem- Headlights
Five Finger Death Punch- The Pride”


*Kyle Nelson can be found at Kyle “The Monster” Nelson Fan Page on Facebook, @THE__MONSTER on Twitter and Kyle_the_monster_Nelson on Instagram

You can follow MMASucka columnist Nate Grotenhuis @BurgersMMA on Twitter

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