Fight Boozin’: UFC 186 edition


Now, for those of us over the legal drinking age, alcoholic beverages are often a necessary accoutrement when watching a UFC pay-per-view event. However, with such a wide range of beers, wines, and spirits available, it can sometimes be difficult to choose something that may really fit the event. That can leave you relying on the “same old same old,” or – even worse – cheap, bad beer. We here at MMASucka don’t want to see that happen to you, though. That’s why we’re bringing you this PPV-week series to help ensure that you have quality drinks for watching (hopefully) quality fights, inspired by a fighter on the card.

UFC 186 (unofficially known as UFC 186: Canada is Cursed) is going down this week on April 25th at Bell Centre in Montreal, QC, Canada and will be topped by a UFC Flyweight Title bout between champion Demetrious Johnson and rising prospect Kyoji Horiguchi. Now,  you may expect me to bring out something from either of the craft brewing hotbeds represented by this  – Quebec and Washington State, for those not paying attention – but no. We’re traveling to the land of sake, sushi, and Shooto for this Fight Boozin’ pick. That’s right, Japan, the home of the challenger Horiguchi, has craft beer. Specifically, Baird Beer’s Angry Boy Brown Ale.

I know, you must be making the Jackie Chan-breaking-mind-meme face right now when you see that name, but there is an explanation. Baird Beer started as a brewpub founded by an American ex-pat living in Japan named Bryan Baird, and his wife Sayuri. It has blossomed into a small chain of 6 locations, as well as a micro-brewery. One of their year-round brews is the Angry Boy Brown Ale, a 7% American-style ale that hits you with a quick shot of caramel maltiness and is refreshingly non-hoppy for such a strong beer. While Baird keeps his hop mix secret, whatever he’s using works well. It’s smooth, on point, and can knock you down you if you try and take it too fast. In that respect, it’s quite like Horiguchi, with his 9 stoppage victories.

If you want to get yourself a bottle of this fantastic brew, you can check the English version of the Baird Beer website to find which stores near you are carrying Angry Boy Brown Ale.


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