The Walkout Consultant: UFC 204

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UFC 204 is almost here, and you know what that means. No, I don’t mean a lot of guys walking out to Euro-house, though there will be a lot of that. I mean it’s time for another edition of the Walkout Consultant! As MMASucka.com’s resident board-certified musicologist, I will be offering my unsolicited but fully qualified advice to a group of UFC 204 participants. It does not matter whether these fighters walk out to song that are over-used, are questionable branding choices, or just plain bad. Using my knowledge of music, I will help these athletes to find the right song to set them apart from the pack.

Ian Entwhistle

What He Last Walked Out to: “Wake Me Up” – Avicii

What He Should Walk Out to Next: “Warrior’s Dance” – The Prodigy

There are other people who walk out to Avicii, so that should be Ian Entwhistle‘s first cue that something needs to change. Secondly, why walk out to a Swedish DJ when, as a Brit, he hails from the land responsible for EDM? That does not make sense. So, since “Enty” likes the electronic music, it makes sense for him to walk out to something from the UK’s own The Prodigy. Check it below.

Iuri Alcantara

What He Last Walked Out to: “Nao Morrerei” – Marquinhos Gomes

What He Should Walk Out to Next: “Enigma of Abode” – Disperse

When Iuri Alcantara walked out to face Jimmie Rivera at UFC on FOX 18, he did so to a song that is best described as the Brazilian non-union equivalent of R. Kelly’s “I Believe I Can Fly.” Yes, it’s meant to be inspirational, but it’s just cheesy. I get it, you want something uplifting when you walk out to the cage. There are songs that do that without sounding like smooth jazz R’n’B, though. One of those songs is “Enigma of Abode,” by Polish jazz metalists Disperse. Listen below, and feel inspired.

Vitor Belfort

What He Last Walked Out to: “300 Violin Orchestra” – Jorge Quintero

What He Should Walk Out to Next: “Drag Me Down” – Massive Metal Covers

Vitor Belfort is another of the many people refusing to differentiate themselves by using the same Jorge Quintero track to walk out to. Yes, I know that “The Phenom” separates himself from the pack with his take on the “P.M.A.” mindset and unique hairstyles. That is not enough, though. Because of his unique take on the “Positive Mental Attitude,” it is only appropriate that Vitor walk out to a song that takes a similar approach. Massive Metal Covers’ take on the One Direction hit “Drag Me Down” hits the bulls-eye in that respect. Have a listen below if you don’t believe me.

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