The Walkout Consultant: UFC Fight Night 104

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UFC Fight Night 104 is upon us, bringing with it the return of “The Korean Zombie” Chang Sung Jung. Chang is something of anomaly in the UFC, as he is keenly aware of what the right walkout song can do for his brand. Some fighters on the card, however, are not. That is where I step in. As MMASucka.com’s resident board-certified musicologist, I’m here to help. I’ll give a few fighters a hand finding better, more unique entrance music, and do it publicly for your reading and listening pleasure. So without further ado, here we go.

Felice Herrig

What she walked out to last: “Fight Song” – Rachel Platten

What she should walk out to next: “Rideback” – MELL

While “Little Bulldog” Felice Herrig has carved out a fanbase that is uniquely hers. Something that is not unique to Ms. Herrig, however, is her last walkout song. She’s not the first woman in the UFC to walk out to the psuedo-inspirational “Fight Song,” and she won’t be the last. That said, there are songs that could help her stand out from the pack even more. The one I have in mind is “Rideback” by Japanese EDM artist MELL. With a hard-hitting beat, lyrics about self-determination, and uplifting piano sections, it would be a good fit for the former kickboxer. Check it out below.

Chas Skelly

What he walked out to last time: “Fancy” – Iggy Azalea feat. Charlie XCX

What he should walk out to next: “Fancy” – Massive Metal Covers

We have our first two-time offender! Yes, Chas Skelly has been a subject of the walkout consultant before, for using the same song that is barely acceptable for the most done-up women on the roster, much less a scrappy-looking dude. Since he didn’t take the Red Fang hint, I’ll meet him half way this time. The boys in Massive Metal Covers did a version of “Fancy” that, well, is a little more suited to, well, people who look and fight like “The Scrapper.” You can hear it below.

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