Jeff Glover wants BJJ match against ‘not funny’ Bryan Callen

Veteran BJJ black belt Jeff Glover has a challenge and for an unlikely candidate–Bryan Callen.

He took to his Instagram account and posted a few videos calling the 50-year-old out.

The first, was when Glover saw Callen on The Joe Rogan Experience.

This dude Byran is a fool

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The inventor of The Donkey Guard once again took to Instagram to talk about Callen.

Bryan Callan = not funny . Let’s fight bro.

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In his final video for Callen, Glover questions whether he’s being duped or he could be a pretty good actor. He didn’t realize he was 50 and made his final case for a jiu-jitsu challenge.

Last word on Bryan

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Glover has competed twice in 2017 and came up short in both. He grappled UFC featherweight Chad Mendes at SUG3 and lost via rear-naked choke in Overtime and lose a referee decision to Augusto Mendes at Fight to Win Pro 25.

Keep up with Glover on Instagram HERE.


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