Pressure is a privilege: Through a trainer’s eyes

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This is an article written through the eyes of our newest guest contributor. That contributor is David Zitnik. Zitnik is a former fighter, current trainer, and owner of American Top Team Palm Beach Gardens in Florida. These thoughts are significant, as they came during pre-fight preparation before he corned Michael Lombardo at Titan FC 44,this past Friday night.

Tonight I walk out to the cage with another fighter. He will feel the extreme pressure of getting a win. Pressure to look good. Pressure to not be humiliated. Pressure to live up to expectations. Though, I will remind my fighter that this pressure is a privilege.

Pressure is a privilege: Through a trainer’s eyes

Why is it a privilege? I will tell him, “you were blessed with ability, speed, power, athleticism and strength. You have been blessed with a family that supports your dream. You have been blessed with the fighting spirit. You have developed a work ethic second to none. You have trained day-in and day-out for hours, weeks, months, and years. You have developed your body to be a weapon. You have developed your mind to be a general. Your coaches and training partners have recognized all these things. They have chosen you to receive the privilege of the pressure to represent our team!”

Many people have tried to gain this prestige. To be allowed to accept this pressure. Ninety-nine percent of those who tried are not willing to make the sacrifices it takes to be chosen. They are not us. They are normal people. They will never get to feel that pressure. They are not fighters.

Tonight he will step into that cage alone, but he will carry the spirit, love, and support of all those around him. As the time comes closer to make that walk, he will realize all these things. He will step in the cage confident knowing he is the chosen one. Knowing he is a fighter. With that knowledge embedded in him, he will showcase his skills and show the world the beauty of our violence!

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