Jon Jones Rips Alexander Gustafsson In Response to Recent Comments

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Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon “Bones” Jones unleashed a tweetstorm on Twitter last night to blast UFC Light Heavyweight contender Alexander “The Mauler” Gustafsson in response to Gustafsson’s recent comments in which Gustafsson says, “I give him that he is the best fighter of all time, he is pound-for-pound the best fighter in our division. Of course, everybody knows that. He never lost, he hasn’t lost yet.

“He demolished everyone he fights but as a person, as a champion, he’s not a champion in my eyes. He’s not a good person in my eyes.” Gustafsson continued by saying this about Jones’ arch-nemesis and current Light Heavyweight Champion Daniel Cormier, “That’s why I always tell the guys I hope D.C. wins because I like the guy. He’s a worthy champion.”

Jones Goes On Offense

Jones began his volley of tweets by saying, “Of course you are rooting for Daniel Gus, you might as well pray for him while you’re at it.”

“And here’s a little FYI, you didn’t lose against DC and I because of your cardio, it was because you lack of heart.”

“I’m not a champion because you don’t like my personality? F*** you lol”

“’Jon Jones is a bad person’ you sound like a f***ing dork. Congrats on the engagement though, beautiful woman”

“Maybe good guys don’t always finish last.”

“I’m not a champion cuz I’m a bad person? You’re not a champion because you don’t win championship fights.”

As expected Gustafsson soon responded to Jones by saying, “I root for @dc_mma but I want u to win, and after the way I beat u, I promise I will pray for you. Happy now?”

Gustafsson also responded to Jones’ assertion that “lack of heart” was the primary factor in his loss to Jones’ in their last fight by implying that Jones’ victory was due to performance enhancing drugs that are now being screened for by USADA. Gus tweeted, “No my friend, against you it was because of the absence of @usantidoping”

Oof. This accusation is one that continues to haunt Jones after he was flagged by USADA for banned substances prior to his last scheduled title bout with Daniel Cormier, forcing the UFC to scrap the bout.

It seems that these exchanges will continue to escalate in anticipation of the upcoming Light Heavyweight showdown between Cormier and Jones since Gustafsson will presumably face the winner of that fight as the top contender in the division. Gustafsson’s lopsided win over Glover Teixeira at UFC Stockholm last weekend has put him squarely back in the mix for a title shot. As we all know, with title shots comes an expectation of trash talk and hype to promote the fight, so fans are definitely going to keep a close eye on Twitter in the weeks to come.

Who do you think wins the Cormier versus Jones fight? And do you think Gustafsson deserves to fight the winner? Sound off in the comments.

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