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Brave News #9 announces Frankie Edgar as color commentator for Brave’s Brazil return

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Brave News, the weekly online shows that keep fans around the world updated on the latest promotional developments, comes in this week with amazing news. Former world champion Frankie Edgar is set to come back as a color commentator for the organization’s second trip to Brazil. Brave 8: The Rise of Champions takes places in Curitiba, Brazil, on August 12th, and will feature “The Answer” on the broadcast team.

Brave News #9 announces Frankie Edgar as color commentator for Brave’s Brazil return

Edgar made his commentating debut back in March for Brave 3: Battle in Brazil, which also took place in the Curitiba metropolitan area. The American legend will resume his duties alongside play-by-play commentator Cyrus Fees. The two made headlines during Brave 3 with their on-camera chemistry and Edgar was praised for giving a fighter’s point of view on some of the most exciting bouts in Brave history.

The former Lightweight world champion is said to be delighted to team up once again with Brave Combat Federation and watch cage side as two world titles are up for grabs in the main and co-main events of the evening.

Also on Brave News #9 is a round-up of Brave 7: Untamed, the promotion’s first ever show in Mexico. On the main event, Alejandro Martínez submitted Fabian Quintanar and called out Alan Omer and Kareem-Abdul Al-Selwady after settling his rivalry with “El Aniquilador”. Other exciting performances include victories for Chris Padilla against Ivan Castillo and finishes for Pablo Saborio and Hassan Fakhreddine against Andrew Lagdaan and Rodrigo Reyes, respectively.

Meanwhile, Welterweight Tahar Hadbi wants to leave his controversial no contest against Carl Booth behind as he promised to return to the Brave cage sooner rather than later. A bout against Jarrah Al-Selwai has been floating around as a possibility but nothing is set on stone just yet.

Last but not least, title challenger Mohammad Fakhreddine sent a message to his fans ahead of his trip to Brazil, where he’ll take Carl Booth for the Welterweight belt and vowed to go for a first-round knockout.

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