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ROAD FC 042 Results: Aorigele punishes Yusuke, Minowaman stops Sik

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Early this morning, ROAD FC 042 took place during the Chungju World Martial Arts Festival in Chungju, South Korea. It was preceded by the Young Guns 36 undercard. There were some solid fights throughout, but check out a full rundown of results below.

ROAD FC 042 Results: Aorigele punishes Yusuke, Minowaman stops Sik


Aorigele showed off a more developed skill set against Masuda Yusuke, who proved tough as nails against the “Kungfu Panda”. Aorigele stuffed takedowns and did his main work absolutely punishing Masuda on the ground all the way through two rounds. In the third, Aorigele landed a barrage that dropped Masuda, and the referee jumped on him to stop any further damage.

Legends Minowa Man and Yoon Dong-Sik started their bout with kicks, but it wasn’t long until Yoon was able to get the takedown and transition to Minowa’s back. From there, the two put on an attack and defense display through the first round. In the second, Yoon was even quicker to get Minowa down and mount him, but a freak turn of events saw Yoon end up with a dislocated finger. Although Yoon had the match, the TKO gave Minowa the win.

Shim Gun-Oh took a lot of leg damage from Kim Chang-Hee in their rematch but persevered until he found an opportunity to take the fight to his wrestling ocean where he rag dolled and pounded on Kim to the first bell. In the second round, Shim turned up his striking and landed knees and punches that were so damaging that the referee calling the TKO while Kim was still standing.

Shin Dong-Guk made an emotional entrance with his firefighter colleagues in tribute to two recently fallen comrades which had the arena completely silent in respect. But when he got in the cage with Imai Shunya it was a different story. Imai threw a few punches that sniped, but Shin found a chance to land a kick to the ribs that visibly pained Imai, and he viciously followed it up with punches to the canvas for the TKO.

Jang Ik-Hwan and Emil Abbasov put on a thrilling first match on the main card with furious striking flurries. Jang’s kicks were damaging while Abbasov’s long reach and powerful punches knocked Jang down. At the end of the second round, Jang faked for a takedown and got it, positioning until he got to mount where he pounded on Abbasov until the referee called it.


In the main event of the prelims, Magomed Mutaev made it a disappointing comeback for Kim Eun-Soo in the first round, weathering Kim’s flurries until he found the opportunity to latch on a guillotine and get the tap out in the first round.

Park Jeong-Eun and Park Si-Woo put on a very impressive two rounds of crisp striking, aggressive exchanges, and tough clinch work, with Jeong-Eun’s huge hip throw and aggression edging her to a UD on the scorecards.


  • Aorigele def. Masuda Yusuke by TKO, R3 1:51
  • Minowa Man def. Yoon Dong-Sik by TKO to injury, R2 2:26
  • Shim Gun-Oh def. Kim Chang-Hee by TKO, R2 1:18
  • Shin Dong-Guk def. Imai Shunya by TKO, R1 2:28
  • Emil Abbasov def. Jang Ik-Hwan by TKO, R2 4:05
  • Young Guns 36
  • Magomed Mutaev def. Kim Eun-Soo by Submission, guillotine, R1 2:11
  • Park Jung-Eun def. Park Si-Woo by Unanimous Decision
  • Shin Seung-Min def. He Jianwei by Unanimous Decision
  • Kim Sung-Jae vs Park Su-Wan, DRAW
  • Lim Byeong-Ha def. Lim Yong-Joo by Submission, Kimura, R1 1:04
  • Cho Young-Jun def. Jin Tae-Ho by TKO, R1 1:29
  • Park Jin def. Park Sung-Jun by Unanimous Decision

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