The Walkout Consultant: UFC Fight Night 121

UFC Fight Night 121 Walkout Songs

It’ll be a “g’day” for UFC fans as the promotion goes back down under for UFC Fight Night 121 this weekend, live from Sydney, Australia! Featuring a pair of well-rounded heavyweights atop the card in Fabricio Werdum and Marcin Tybura, the card is – as many international events are – filled with fighters looking to make their mark. Whether it’s the lack of a highlight reel finish, a UFC tenure spent on undercards, or even poor choices in walkout music, these athletes have yet to really connect with the fans. I can’t help them with finishes or booking. I don’t have that kind of power. What can I help with, then? The walkouts. That’s where I come in. As‘s resident musicologist, I can help these wayward warriors find a tune that the crowds can associate with them. So, without further ado, here… We… Go!

Ryan Benoit

What he last walked out to: “What They Want” – Russ

What he should walk out to next: “Shadowboxing” – GZA feat. Method Man

I get why a lot of fighters want to walk out to hip-hop. It’s common gym music, so it creates a sense of familiarity. It’s used in the gyms because it’s not going to get people too amped up like, say, thrash metal would. That said, a lot of modern hip-hop sticks to a slow, energy-less formula with a focus on ostentatious shows of wealth and women. “What They Want” by Russ is no different. So what would be different? Well, the kind of golden age hiphop that comes from a love of the martial arts, of course. That means Wu-Tang Clan, or members thereof. A great choice would be “Shadowboxing” from GZA and Method Man. It’s not as hard-driving as, say, Public Enemy, but it retains a sense of menace that’s more appropriate for a knockout artist like Ryan Benoit. Listen below.

Alex Chambers

What she last walked out to: “Hit it Hard” – Peaches

What she should walk out to next: “One More Astronaut” – I Mother Earth

It’s been over two years since Alex “Astro Girl” Chambers last stepped into the Octagon. A lot of time has passed. Enough time that she can leave her last walkout song behind. After all, Peaches sings about an entirely different kind of “banging” than what we see in the cage. So what might be a little more on-brand for the space-loving mechatronics engineer? I’m glad you asked! The song I have in mind for “Astro Girl” is “One More Astronaut,” from Canadian rockers I Mother Earth. Listen below and hear for yourself.

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