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Well. Last month it was announced that prolific adult website – CamSoda – would be hosting their first-ever mixed martial arts event in the form of; CamSoda Legends. And it was just as whacky as one would imagine.

The show featured some surprisingly decent star power. Former UFC heavyweight champion Ricco Rodriguez headlined against former Island Fights title-holder and UFC fighter; Alex ‘The Spartan’ Nicholson.

MMASucka’s Michael DeSantis interviewed both headliners ahead of their meeting tonight. Check them out here – Ricco Rodriguez and Alex Nicholson.

And in the co-main event, Bruce Lutchmedial took on PRIDE and Elite XC veteran Charles ‘Felony’ Bennett, of course, formerly known as ‘Krazy Horse’.

Let’s start at the beginning and work our way to the big ones!

Aftermath: Camsoda Legends

Now, the show started off with top-ranked UFC welterweight Colby Covington taking the cage. Because, of course! The show is in Florida after all. He was joined by the ring girls – all of which were CamSoda ‘stars’ themselves – for a photo op that lasted way longer than it should’ve.

Covington hoverhand and weird tongue thing he does included.

Now, before the fights, we are introduced to the commentators. Unified Fight Alliance’s Jay Adams and current UFC featherweight fighter Charles Rosa will be calling the action tonight.

They explain an… interesting implementation for CamSoda’s debut foray into MMA. On the site, fans typically give their favorite “performers” tips in the form of real money transferred into online currency they receive.

And tonight will be no different. During every fight, the viewers can buy tokens and tip the fighter they want to see win said tokens. It doesn’t have to be the winner, either. And whoever gets the most votes will receive a bonus $200 post-fight from CamSoda – that jumps to $1,000 for the main and co-main event fighters.

Also; tippers can send “advice” to the fighters as they compete that will play over the loudspeaker. This ranges from a random “Spinning Back-Fist!” audio clip to a classic Dumb and Dumber “Kick his ass, sea bass!” and, of course, the old-school Mortal Kombat “Finish Him!”

Let’s get to the opening fight!

Christian Ynastrilla vs. Jimmy Alexander

In the night’s first fight, Christian Ynastrilla hits the cage for his second pro fight after having numerous opponents pull out of the match-up. In on less than one day’s notice came Jimmy Alexander riding an impressive six-fight losing streak.

Not much to talk about here. Ynastrilla got the takedown early and dominated on the ground as the CamSoda watchers kept sending tips telling him to “Spinning Back-Fist!” Ynastrilla forced the tap early with a rear-naked choke.

The American Top Team bantamweight product improves to 2-0. He, obviously, received the most tips during the fight. Alexander drops to 2-16.

Danny Vega vs. James Hay

Up next was a battle of debuting lightweights. Danny Vega took on American Top Team prospect James Hay. It is worth noting that Hay missed weight by four pounds, weighing in at 159 on fight night. So the fight took place at 160-pounds.

This fight was all Hay. Dominating top game throughout. Not a ton of offense from him otherwise, but he defended plenty of submission attempts from Vega.

He wins his MMA debut after a unanimous decision with all judges agreeing on a 30-27 scorecard. And in one of the best moments of the night during the post-fight interview;

“Congratulations, James Hay! You received the most tips during your fight. The highest tipper was CamSoda user; Big ‘Ol Weiner Pants.”

To which Hay responded;

“Thank you, Big ‘Ol Weiner Pants’.”


Carl Darbouze vs. Oscar Delgado

Now, even though we already peaked tonight thanks to ‘Big ‘Ol Weiner Pants,’ the fights continue. Light heavyweight hitter Carl Darbouze returns against ruggedly creepy Santa, better known as Carl Delgado.

The fight was all Darbouze, who eventually got the first-round submission win via D’arce Choke. He improves to 3-2 as Delgado falls to 6-5. We got another great moment post-fight.

“Congratulations, Carl. You received the most tips, and your top tipper was; ‘I Have Huge Titties.'” 

Thank you for being you, ‘I Have Huge Titties’. And congrats to Carl Darbouze on an easy-work victory tonight.

Matt Wagy vs. Anthony Retic

There’s a slim chance that name might sound familiar to you. Matt Wagy has fought in Bellator, Titan FC, Combate Americas, and went on an impressive finishing streak under the Gladiator Challenge banner. Opposite him will be 6’2 featherweight Anthony Retic.

‘Hammer Time’ Matt Wagy made quick work of Anthony Retic, choking him out in round one with a rear-naked choke. He improves to a solid 11-5 as Retic drops to 6-6.

To no one’s surprise, Wagy earned the most tips from CamSoda users during the fight. This time the highest tipper didn’t have a fun name. Just ‘Grasshoppers.’ Boo.

Charles Bennett vs. Bruce Lutchmedial

Co-main event time! PRIDE legend Charles ‘Felony’ Bennett – better known as ‘Krazy Horse’ – returns to the cage on a six-fight losing streak to face Titan FC veteran Bruce ‘The Iron Lion’ Lutchmedial at featherweight.

Bennett heads to the cage wearing a giant monkey mask, and he and Lutchmedial put on undoubtedly the most fun fight of the night. ‘Felony’ becomes really the first fighter of the night to listen to that silly CamSoda user advice, throwing some spinning back-fists everytime that stupid line plays on the sound system.


Lutchmedial narrowly wins the first round before dominating the final two, including a few very tight choke attempts.

Despite CamSoda users hugely behind ‘Felony,’ sending “Finish Him!” through the intercom throughout the entirety of round three, he was unable to. Lutchmedial ends the round on top before flipping the double bird to Bennett. He walks out of CamSoda Legends with a UD win.

Charles Bennett crushed the live tips on CamSoda, however. Earning 5300 tokens to Lutchmedial’s 70. But Bruce Lutchmedial took to the mic post-fight to explain his action and let the crowd know why they shouldn’t be cheering him on.

“This motherf*cker right here… My brother committed suicide a few weeks ago. This f*cker right here has been talking sh*t about my brother. I’m normally a good sport with this stuff. But, guys, f*ck this motherf*cker. Boo this man.”

Well, Bennett gets the most tips on CamSoda.com despite this. Walks away with a cool $1000 bonus. The highest tipper for this one was; ‘Titan is Back.’ Boo, another boring name. We miss ‘Big ‘Ol Weiner Pants.’

Thankfully, Nik Lentz was on the scene and captured Charles Bennett getting into a scuffle in the crowd with… Colby Covington.


Ricco Rodriguez vs. Alex Nicholson

It’s main event time. Now, both of these guys have a pretty damn spotty past. I don’t know why I chose to mention that, but I thought I should. Look into it. Regardless, it is former UFC champion Ricco Rodriguez who fights for the 81st time when he takes on Alex ‘The Spartan’ Nicholson.

During introductions, you audibly hear Nicholson’s good friend, UFC fighter ‘Platinum’ Mike Perry. “Let’s F*cking Go!” Agreed, Mike. Good call.

Alex Nicholson wins the fight early by knockout, or maybe submission. I don’t know. He knocked Ricco down very early, bloodied him up somehow – on the back of the head mind you – and as Nicholson stood over top of Rodriguez to land some ground-and-pound, the former UFC champ tapped out.


It appears to be a knee to the head and an elbow that started it all off.


Yes, Mike Perry. Always so attentive.

In a mix of thanking God and stuff, Nicholson advertises his twitter account. I won’t be doing the same.

“I was looking for the knockout, but he wouldn’t f*cking let me. Hey, look Mike. He’s looking at us in the crowd. It’s Cuntington, (I assume they are referring to Colby Covington and simply messed up his name on accident) get in here, p*ssy.”

Professional interviewer Jay Adams tells the world how much he hates the f-word before advising fans to go shame the UFC on social media;

“I can’t understand for the life of me why you are not yet back in the UFC with what you’ve done since you left. Some kind of bullsh*t is going on. I would love if every person in this room got on social media and shamed the UFC until they put you back in, brotha. Because IT’S F*CKING BULLSH*T. This is my first time using a bad word on commentary, but it’s f*cking bullsh*t that you’re not in the UFC.”

Nicholson, the eloquent warrior that he is, chimes in with a “Hahah, I love the f*cking f-word.”

I don’t know what I just watched. I don’t know why I just watched it. The only thing that would’ve made it better is a Nicholson, Perry, Covington brawl post-event with the CamSoda viewers spamming “KICK HIS ASS, SEA BASS!” through the PA.

Oh, yeah. It is worth noting that Nicholson claims he will be fighting on Dana White’s Tuesday Night Contender Series for another UFC shot after this win tonight. Goodbye.

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