Salahdine Parnasse: KSW’s New Bright Star

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Salahdine Parnasse: KSW’s New Bright Star

KSW is arguably one of the biggest and most prominent MMA organizations in the world. They are known to house some of the best European talents today. Many UFC greats have passed through the doors of KSW. Salahdine Parnasse, the 20 year old French superstar, is the next in a long line of amazing KSW fighters the organization has scooped up.

The Early Beginning

Parnasse spoke with MMASucka and talked about his early beginnings in martial arts. “I started MMA at age 11. It [the MMA gym] was three minutes from my home and I was very interested in combat sports.” Parnasse continued to train and took on his first amateur bout at the age of 17 in the 100% Fight organization, winning by TKO corner stoppage. Parnasse would take on another amateur bout, winning by second-round TKO. Consequently, being an MMA fighter in France has a major disadvantage most other countries do not provide.

Being an MMA Fighter in France

France poses quite the obstacle for Parnasse as a rising MMA star, as MMA is illegal and not recognized by the French government. Norway is the only other country in Europe where MMA is deemed “illegal.” Six of Parnasse’s twelve bouts have been completed on French soil.

Due to this, MMA bouts that take place in France often occur under Pancrase rules. The main difference in rules is that strikes to a grounded opponent are not allowed under any circumstances. The Commission National de Mixed Martial Arts (CNMMA) was created to work with the French government to develop MMA as a recognized sport within the country.

Going International

Parnasse decided it was time to leave France in order to compete in MMA. His next three bouts were in China where he went 2-0-1. The one draw was against LiGe Teng. The two re-matched just shy of five months later, where Parnasse took the unanimous decision. Parnasse returned to France for two more bouts at 100% Fights, winning a one-day featherweight tournament, both victories by decision.

In his fourth bout of 2017, Parnasse took on Hyram Rodriguez on the main card of European Beatdown 2 in Belgium. Though ground fighting and submissions are not highly thought of among French fighters, Parnasse showed the world he was a true mixed martial artist, winning by first-round submission, his fourth submission victory.

The Move to KSW

The European MMA world was taken by storm when it was learned the Polish powerhouse, KSW, had signed Parnasse in November 2017. It was shortly announced his debut would be at KSW 41 on December 23, 2017. This would be less than two months after his last bout. Parnasse was scheduled to make his highly anticipated debut against Polish striker Lukasz Rajewski. Parnasse would go on to win the bout in Poland by majority decision. The young phenom had arrived and lived up to the initial hype of signing a young, promising talent.

Tom Duquesnoy, UFC bantamweight, and one of Parnasse’s training partners, told MMA Fighting after Parnasse’s KSW 41 victory, “He’s going to be a top ten fighter within the next few years. He’s so young and so impressive. He’s at a really high level already.” This victory closed out 2017 for Parnasse with a 5-0 record.

Parnasse’s next match was a step up in competition, being scheduled against former champion, Artur Sowinski at KSW 43. The event was scheduled for April 14, 2018, giving Parnasse about a four-month rest from his last bout. Sowinski was coming off a loss to Kleber Koike Erbst, which was for the vacant featherweight title in December 2017. Parnasse went on to dominate the matchup and as a result, take a unanimous decision victory.

The Future in KSW

“Being in KSW is a really good thing because it’s a top organization with good fighters,” Parnasse told MMASucka. “And I hope to take the belt in KSW.” Koike Erbst is set to defend the featherweight title in KSW’s next event, KSW 44, on June 09, 2018. Parnasse could be next in line. Parnasse will continue his rise up the ranks and remain one of the hottest prospects in MMA for 2018. Hopefully, we will see Parnasse with KSW gold before the conclusion of 2018.

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