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Taylor Thompson out of Cage Titans 39 Amateur Title Fight

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Only two days out from a showcase event, the Cage Titans promotion lost an important amateur champion clash. Earlier this afternoon, Taylor Thompson took to social media to confirm that she has withdrawn from her Cage Titans 39 title bout against Kylie O’Hearn with an apparent injury.

According to her release, the Cage Titans amateur women’s bantamweight champion suffered a fracture in her foot. The withdrawal and its timing have resulted in the bout being canceled.

Taylor Thompson out of Cage Titans 39 Amateur Title Fight

“After a nearly perfect camp, I broke my foot late Tuesday evening, in the very last training session before the fight. I was in denial about the severity of it, but the x rays this morning confirmed it -fractured. I am absolutely heartbroken”.

“My opponent Kylie and I were so looking forward to this fight, both in January prior to her injury, and now, prior to mine. I know how hard she and I have both been working to get ready, just to have it snatched away at the last moment. There was nothing I could have done differently to prevent it – it just was a very, very poorly timed accident”.

Second Scheduling Falls Through

Unfortunately, with Thompson’s withdrawal, the canceled bout becomes the second failed attempt at scheduling this matchup. Previously, Thompson and O’Hearn were scheduled for 5 three minute rounds at Cage Titans 37.

In the first instance, O’Hearn withdrew from the bout with an ankle injury. Tiffany McCoy stepped in on short notice to replace O’Hearn and challenge for the vacant amateur bantamweight belt. Thompson defeated McCoy in exciting fashion with a first-round submission. Her win set up the rescheduling of the matchup between O’Hearn and Thompson, this time making the bout a champion vs. champion showdown.

Cage Titans 39

The battle of the champions was a much-anticipated matchup for the Cage Titans 39 card. If not for the today’s events, the bout pitted two highly skilled young martial artists against each other. Many fans of the region felt the utter disappointment of the bouts cancelation.

Cage Titans 39 weigh-ins take place tomorrow at the event venue. The main card of Cage Titans 39 features Randy Costa vs. Stacey Anderson and Zach DiSabatino against Jay Ellis. In the nights’ main event, Peter Barrett takes on Connor Barry.

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