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Battle of New Orleans MMA #29 Full Review

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The Battle of New Orleans MMA #29 took place on Friday, August 10, 2018, in Gretna, LA at the Mel Ott Center. Those in attendance witnessed a 12-fight card jam-packed with action from the first bell to the last. Two champions were crowned along with an amazing women’s fight of the night, and an early flash knockout to start the evening. Click here to see the live results page.

Battle of New Orleans MMA #29 Full Review

The “WOW” Effect of the Night

The evening looked to start out very solid with a 145lbs showdown between ACS MMA talent Alejandro Patino and the Florida based TFL MMA fighter Joey Y’shua, but the fans in attendance could not have predicted how this bout would turn out. Patino looked to shoot in for a takedown but Y’shua was quick to respond with a devastating head kick sending Patino reeling back for the instant knockout. The referee called a stop to the fight five seconds into the first round.

Two More Fights Before First Intermission

The second fight of the evening took place in the lightweight division with Terrence Freeman of Ronin Martial Arts taking on Jerimee Naquin of Russel Jones MMA. Freeman started off with a quick knockdown leading to some early ground and pound. He attempted a rear naked choke, but Naquin was able to shake it loose. The ground struggle ensued until Freeman was able to lock in the rear naked choke for the finish. The bout was called to a stop 2:53 seconds into the first round.

In the last bout before the first intermission, Hayden Zoller of Mushin MMA ended the night of Steven Peters of Brazilian Martial Arts Academy for the third straight first-round finish to the night. This bantamweight matchup saw a battle between two BJJ-centered fights fighting for position in the ground exchange. Zoller started with a triangle choke and quickly transitioned to an armbar to end the fight in the first round with 40 seconds left in the round.

Bouts Four and Five of the Evening

Andrew Stirling, on less than one week’s notice, took on the ACS MMA fighter out of Texas, Alvaro Hurtado for a middleweight clash. Hurtado was able to impose his will easily on Stirling. He was able to get a quick takedown and used ground and pound until the referee stopped the fight in the first round. Stirling received a respectful ovation from the crowd for stepping up on such short notice.

Bout five of the evening was the first of two fights to go the distance. In a 215lbs catchweight matchup, Kevin Clark of Mushin MMA took on Jordan Ross of Gracie Barra of Monroe, LA. Clark shot in early for a takedown but was stuffed by Ross who sprawled. Once the two were up, Clark landed several good knees to the body. While throwing knees, Ross grabbed ahold of Clark and completed an amazing judo toss that sent Clark thudding to the canvas. Ross threw strikes from side control until the bell rang to end the round. It appeared Ross took round one 10-9.

The second round started off with Clark working the jab. It really seemed he recovered from the rough ending to the first round. Ross caught Clark again and tossed Clark for the second time in the matchup. Clark was able to finally get the fight back to the feet. The two exchanged shots until the bell rang. The second round really could have gone either way but it looked like Ross squeaked out a very close 10-9.

The third round continued the action-packed pace with Clark starting out quick again working the kicks to the body and landing a huge takedown. It appeared Clark knew he badly needed the third round as he landed some solid ground and pound strikes to end the third round. Clark took the third round 10-9 but not enough to take the bout. All three judges cage-side ruled the contest a unanimous decision win for Ross.

First Title Fight of the Night

The first title fight of the night featured Carlos Andres of Cobra BJJ in Alabama taking on T-Webb MMA’s Jake Foster for the bantamweight championship. Foster took the fight to Andres and landed a very early takedown. He looked to be in control as he landed strikes from the stacked position. Foster’s problem came when he dropped down into the guard of Andres. Andres was able to quickly grab an arm and end the contest with an armbar. One minute into the first round and Andres earned the BNO bantamweight title. Both fighters are highly decorated high school wrestlers as well. Foster made it to the Louisiana high school semi finals in 2010-2011. Andres won the Alabama state championship in 2016 at 120lbs representing Tuscaloosa County. Andres stepped up from the 125lbs division to take a shot at the vacant title.

A Very Solid Bantamweight Showing

Logan Speyrer of Juggernaut MMA had an extremely impressive showing as he took on Mid City MMA’s Zac Duncan. Speyrer had a decisive height and reach advantage. He fought very long keeping Duncan too far out to land any successful strikes. Speyrer displayed accuracy with his jabs and eventually won the fight 2:01 into the first round by TKO stoppage. Speyrer will be someone to keep an eye on if he can continue to evolve his game.

The Undisputed Fight of the Night

Every single person in that building could agree on Randa Moore of ACS MMA and Elizabeth Schroeder of Elevate MMA (NC) took home the fight of the night honors. Moore landed a quick knockdown and pounced on top. Schroeder continued to fight through it and got the fight back to the feet. The two exchanged strikes until the bell rang. It appeared as though Moore took the first round with a very close 10-9.

The fireworks went off in the second round. The squared off in the center of the cage and exchanged blow after blow, neither backing down. The two literally went back and forth with Schroeder getting the better of the exchanges blooding up the face of Moore. Both fighters received a standing ovation as they tiredly walked back to their corners. With her striking on point, Schroeder took round two 10-9.

The third round slowed just a tad from the second but was still non-stop back and forth. Schroeder took the fight to the ground for most of the round and took the round 10-9. Former UFC veteran Tim Credeur was the referee for the matchup and raised both warriors’ hands before the decision was announced. Schroeder was given the split decision win.

Final Bout Before Last Intermission

Kenny Gover of Port City MMA used his ground control and ground striking in his lightweight matchup with Machado BJJ’s Jesse Malbrough. Gover easily took round one 10-9 with his control on the feet and on the ground. He also locked in a plumb and landed several hard knees to the body. Gover even landed an early knockdown with his solid striking.

The second round was more of the same with Gover controlling the pace of the fight. This round also saw Gover use a lot of top control and ground and pound to win the fight with one second left in the second round.

The Kickboxing Matchup

The 12-fight card featured one kickboxing bout with Ronin MMA’s Daniel Gudima taking on GOW MMA fighter Lionel Lewis. Gudima was by far the more aggressive of the two strikes throwing many spinning back kicks as well. It appeared somewhere in the fight Lewis hurt his leg as he began to limp at the end of the first round. In the second round, Gudima secured three knockdowns which led to the second round TKO.

The Co-Main Event

The co-main event of the night featured the debut of Port City MMA’s Justin Osborn as he took on Rocky Landry from Trilogy MMA. Landy, the seven-fight pro veteran, took early control of the fight with good cage control. It looked like Osborn finally got in a groove and secured a guillotine choke for his pro debut victory. Three minutes into the first round and Osborn ended the back and forth jockeying for ground control.

Main Event Light Heavyweight Fight

Emmanuel Verdier, the six-fight pro who has a Bellator bout under his belt, took on Brian Lymuel representing Easton Fight Team in Colorado. Lymuel was making his return to MMA after a several year lay-offs. Verdier, the product of TFL MMA, took the fight to the ground after a few back and forth strike exchanges. Once the fight was to the ground, Verdier took back control and landed strikes in volume. He took control of about 90% of the round to take a 10-9 on Lymuel.

The second round was almost a mirror of the first with Verdier reacquiring top control and dropping down strikes. Verdier easily took the second round 10-9.

Round three started with Lymuel digging down deep and throwing a devastating head kick that, if connected, could have changed the whole complexion of the bout. Lymel slipped after missing the kick and Verdier pounced on top. He continued to rain down strikes until the referee called a stop to the matchup. Verdier was crowned the BNO light heavyweight champion to end an amazing night of action.

Official Awards of the Night

Knockout of the Night-Joey Y’shua (five-second head kick)

Submission of the Night-Carlos Andres (armbar to win BNO bantamweight title)

Fight of the Night-Elizabeth Schroeder vs. Randa Moore

Louisiana has always been a hotbed for MMA action and this show continued that precedence. Bayou Fighting Championship will be back in action for Fightville 2 which will take place on August 24, 2018, in Lafayette, LA. Stay tuned to MMASucka for all of your regional MMA news including Louisiana and the Gulf Coast.

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