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RIZIN 13 Weigh-In Results + Fighter Quotes

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RIZIN 13 Weigh-In Results + Fighter Quotes.

The most anticipated event in RIZIN FF history is finally almost upon us! Tonight and well into the early hours of Sunday morning, RIZIN 13 goes down live from a packed Saitama Super Arena.

The show is sold out, and with over 25,000 people in attendance, RIZIN plans to put on their best show to date. The Japanese fight scene has not posted an attendance of this caliber since 2011 Yarennoka held on New Year’s Eve.

Despite the card being genuinely stacked from top to bottom, it is the main event that has stolen the majority of the attention. And for good reason. Two of the best fighters in the world within their respective sports, MMA superstar Kyoji Horiguchi tries his hand at kickboxing against Japanese juggernaut Tenshin Nasukawa.

A big-fight-feel is absolutely in the air regarding this one. The fight is often fairly compared to a kickboxing superfight that took place fourteen years ago on NYE that saw MASATO take on MMA superstar Norifumi “KID” Yamamoto. Back then the fight drew spectacular numbers and is still to this day one of the most viewed combat sporting events worldwide of all time.

Earlier this morning, all fighters weighed in. Check out the RIZIN 13 Weigh-In Results + Fighter Quotes below!

Tenshin Nasukawa (58kg) vs. Kyoji Horiguchi (57.9kg)


Tenshin Nasukawa:

“Horiguchi has a style that is totally new to me. I won’t know if he’ll be tough or easy until I’m in there actually fighting him. I have many weapons hidden up my sleeve, though. It’s just a matter of when I get to use them. I have sparred with several karate specialists, and I feel like I know their weaknesses.”

Kyoji Horiguchi:

“This fight will be dedicated to my master and my mentor, who have both passed recently. I wanted to do this to honor (KID Yamamoto), a fight like when he fought Masato on NYE. A fight that created great interest and great ratings.”

Andy Nguyen (48.8kg) vs. Miyuu Yamamoto (48.95kg)


Andy Nguyen:

“I sent Miyuu a message after I heard about KID, and she said ‘let’s fight the best fight of the night’. My father passed away last December and I had to fight in January, so I understand how Miyuu feels. She is a true professional and fighter.”

Miyuu Yamamoto:

“This fight will be dedicated to my little brother. I think if he were still here he would tell me to relax. That I can win if I believe in myself. I asked for this fight so he would have something to look forward to. To keep setting goals for both of us.”

Mirko Cro Cop (109.45kg) vs. Roque Martinez (109.05kg)


Mirko Cro Cop:

“My left knee is healed and good. I fight because it’s my job and I have great passion for this. Martinez is very young and hungry for fame and success in RIZIN. But I am also hungry to stay undefeated in RIZIN. He can’t beat me. He is not at my level. I do like the fact that young fighters are asking to fight me, though. It means my name is still valuable.”

Roque Martinez:

“I am very honored to be facing a legend like Mirko, but I do think that I deserve to be fighting him. I look to fight a good fight and keep extending my winning streak.”

Jiri Prochazka (92.1kg) vs. Jake Heun (92.7kg)


Jiri Prochazka:

“My opponent is a typical American fighter who likes to throw haymakers. I trained at Allstars MMA and had great sparring sessions with Alexander Gustafsson. I have The Book of Five Rings by Miyamoto Musashi memorized in my head. It is the way I live my life every day.”

Jake Heun:

“I am a striker. I do have good wrestling, but guys hugging naked isn’t what the fans want to see. They want to see a fight. I would love to finish this fight with a crazy move. A high kick, or some spinning shit, or a soccer kick. My opponent is tough and never quits. Has the ability to come back and win at any time, even when losing.”

Mikuru Asakura (66kg) vs. Karshyga Dautbek (66kg)


Mikuru Asakura:

“I hope that me and my little brother can both win tonight. My opponent is certainly tough, but I honestly think it’s the lack of information that makes it seem that way. I am a striker, even if the fight goes to the ground, I will pound away to finish and kick if possible. The submission game isn’t for me. I will give everybody their money’s worth, so I won’t finish the fight too early. Give me 4-5 minutes into round one, and the finish will come.”

Karshyga Dautbek:

“My opponent is great and fights an exciting striking battle every time. I want to put on a great fight against him. Mikuru; look out for my left-cross!” 

Daron Cruickshank (70kg) vs. Diego Brandao (69.9kg)


Daron Cruickshank:

“I am a finisher and I will finish my fights. This fight will be something crazy, something fun. I like to strike and he likes to strike, but I am the taller one this time, and that’s rare. I have a longer reach and plan to utilize the fuck out of that.” 

Diego Brandao:

“Wanderlei Silva is my idol and I want to fight just like him. My style is; if you hit me once, I hit you three times back. When I think about my opponent, my head just gets hot. I have no real impressions, I just want to beat the shit out of him.”

Osunaarashi (167.4kg) vs. Bob Sapp (147.9kg)



“Josh Barnett has taught me very well. Learning everything from the beginning is very, very tough, but it is rewarding. I won my sumo debut, and I will win my MMA debut.”

Josh Barnett: 

“If he can utilize his sumo skills and fight as sumo MMA fighter with constant pressure and sumo posture, Bob will not be able to move him. either way, the first to land a punch or the first to get top-position will win.”

Bob Sapp: 

“This will be the return of the beast. My plan is to stay outside of his sumo range and use my striking from a distance. I am going to put everything I can into this fight. Like it’s my last fight.”

Mitsuhisa Sunabe (52.8kg) vs. Haruo Ochi (53kg)


Mitsuhisa Sunabe: 

“The future and existence of RIZIN’s strawweight division will depend on this fight. My opponent is one of the toughest I have faced in the past ten years. Champions like us fight for the fans, boring fights are for losers. The fans are here and watching for an experience, our job is to deliver.”

Haruo Ochi: 

“My opponent is a good finisher, and he hasn’t lost in, like… forever. His fight IQ is really high and he knows when and how to finish. Look out for my left hook and body shots. I am physically stronger than any other fighter in this division, I truly believe that.”

Kai Asakura (58.8kg) vs. Topnoi TigerMuayThai (58.75kg)


Kai Asakura:

“We are the first siblings to fight on the same card in RIZIN, so now me and Mikuru have to be the first siblings to win on the same card. My opponent is a very dangerous muay thai guy, but I would love to beat him at his game. This is MMA, though. So wherever the fight goes, I will fight. Me and my brother are looking for a slot on NYE against two big names.”

Topnoi TigerMuayThai:

“I am very happy to be coming back to Japan again. Happiest day of my life. If the Japanese fans want to see me perform, I will always deliver. I have no impressions about my opponent. He will probably try to take me down, but I will avoid that. I am very happy to use elbows in this fight.”

Ayaka Hamasaki (48.9kg) vs. Mina Kurobe (48.85kg)


Ayaka Hamasaki: 

“My opponent is very gritty and has an amazing heart. She never quits and has endless stamina, so she will be hard to deal with. The theme of this fight is to determine who the best atomweight in Japan is.”

Mina Kurobe:

“Looking at me and my age, I would never imagine that I would get an opportunity to fight in RIZIN. My strong points are that I will never give up. I am gritty, and I will never back down. My style may not be pretty, that much I admit, but I fight with all my heart.”

Taiga (59kg) vs. Kento Haraguchi (58.8kg)



“I don’t want to look past my opponent, but I would like to fight Tenshin on NYE. I want to absolutely outclass Kento and not show everything I have. Look out for my hooks. Really look out for my right hooks.”

Kento Haraguchi:

“My opponent is really tough. Toughest I have ever faced in my life. He uses the ring very wisely, and he is a puncher. So I will utilize my reach and kicks. Look out for all sorts of kicks from me.”

Yusaku Nakamura (56.75kg) vs. Manel Kape (56.85kg)


Yusaku Nakamura:

“I am very happy to be fighting under MMA rules again. Kape is very explosive and unpredictable. So I need to be aware of that. I am a striker also, so it would be great to beat him standing. I want to win this and get on the NYE card. I want to fight the poster boy Kai Asakura and take his spot.”

Manel Kape: 

“I changed my training environment and now train at AKA Thailand. Much better training and now I live a simple life. No more parties and playing around. I want to train hard right now for my future. I am a perfectionist so Thailand is the perfect environment for me. Still mad about the decision in my last fight, but it is my own fault for going the distance. I learned from that. Today, I finish.”

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