Brendan Schaub to Cover Anthony Borg Medical Expenses

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Prayers for the family of Ray Borg were answered earlier today. On an episode of Joe Rogan Experience, guest Brendan Schaub emotionally offered to cover the remaining costs of his son’s medical expenses.

Hellish 2018

Borg, the former flyweight title challenger, has been through a rollercoaster of emotions in the latter half of 2018. The flyweight was pulled from three fight cards, one of which directly correlated with the infamous bus attack before UFC 223. It’s hard to imagine what could be worse than not having the ability to earn an income, due to reasons beyond one’s control. In this instance, it is not.

Borg and his wife gave birth to their son Anthony in 2018. Unfortunately, complications arose and Anthony was thrust into emergency surgery. Difficulties since the first surgery came and went. Now the Borg family is still waiting to bring home a fully healthy child. Due to the kindness of the mixed martial arts community, a GoFundMe page set up for Borg and his family earned $36,000 in order to pay for medical expenses. While such a feat is a heartwarming accomplishment, it was not enough.

Raising Money for Expenses

On social media, Borg posted a shirt ahead of his upcoming fight. In the post, he remarked that proceeds from the shirt sales would go towards the continued and future medical expenses of his son. The post traveled around the world of the internet until it found Brendan Schaub.

The former UFC heavyweight contender was on a plane when someone sent him the post from Borg’s social media. Being a father of a two-year-old himself, the story struck the deepest of veins within him.

“So his baby was having these surgeries, and I saw someone post a shirt that Ray Borg [created]… He posted a shirt and [says], ‘all these proceeds from the shirt go to help me pay for my child’s medical bill’. So someone goes, ‘Schaub, look into this’. I click on it and I see his son on the respirator. Broke my heart, man.

I (direct messaged) Ray because [he said], ‘We need help with the medical bills’. I will pay for your medical bills, Ray. I will cover it… When I say I will help you, Ray, I am dead serious. I’m not one of these guys, I don’t need the publicity, I don’t need any of that. I (direct messaged) you my number, I will cover the medical bills. I got you, brother, I got you. Hit me up, it’s not a game, no publicity, I will take care of you and your family.”

If you wish to donate to the Borg family, the opportunity is still available on their GoFundMe page.

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